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Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) supports the University's mission by assisting Ball State personnel in the quest for external funding to carry out their research, scholarship, and creative activity as well as subsequent award administration. SPA fosters an atmosphere of academic, scientific, and creative inquiry; internal and external collaboration; cross-disciplinary teamwork; entrepreneurial thinking; and community engagement while promoting integrity, responsibility, and ethics in all phases of scientific, intellectual, and artistic inquiry.



The role of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is to help faculty, staff, and students:

  • seek funding,
  • apply for funding, and
  • spend awarded funds according to applicable guidelines
  • to foster excellent education, research, scholarship, creative endeavors, and community partnerships,  working together to make the world a better place.


As research administrators, SPA staff aim to:

  • perform our duties with honesty, diligence, and responsibility,
  • conduct ourselves free of personal and professional conflicts or of impropriety,
  • remain mindful that the funds we assist in requesting and managing have been provided fundamentally for the public good,
  • be prudent in the use and protection of sensitive information/data,
  • act in good faith promoting ethical integrity in all of our actions,
  • maintain respectful communication about others in our community, and
  • create and maintain a good relationship between BSU and our sponsors and partners.

*As modified from the Code of Ethics for Certified Research Administrators