You don’t need to start a project from the ground up every time. Our templates offer a convenient way to produce different marketing communications with university branding already in place.

Email Signature

Email Signature

You may add a Ball State University We Fly graphic to your email signature.

Download Brand Graphic


View Microsoft's instructions on editing and adding images to your Outlook email signature.

After adding the We Fly signature graphic, it should look similar to the example below. If the graphic looks too large, try another file version from the folder in


Charlie Cardinal
Director of Marketing
Marketing and Communications
Ball State University
Phone: 765-285-5555

Social Media Avatars

Ball State University red background social media avatar

Official University social media accounts that represent colleges, departments, programs, or units are encouraged to use branded social media avatars to distinguish themselves in their audience’s feeds. You may use the downloaded file for all major social media platforms.

Download Avatar


  • Depending on the device and platform, your avatar is often small and cropped into a circle. You want to maximize space to ensure your avatar looks great.
  • Remember your avatar is never alone and will always be paired with your profile name. Your profile name (or handle) will always appear next to or below your avatar. We recommend spelling out your college, department, office, program, or unit name wherever possible. This allows you to minimize text in your avatar.
  • If the social media platform allows for custom colors, consult the accepted brand colors to enter the correct values for your account.

Social Media Cover Photos and Templates

University social media accounts can incorporate official Ball State imagery on their social platforms through use of cover photos.

Video Assets

Below are assets you can download and use in your Ball State videos.

Lower Thirds Template

female student with lower third first and last name as a template

This branded template allows you to easily add text to your video in a title-safe area of the screen. Download the template.

Bumper Slides

Ball State University bumper slide example

Branded bumper slides can be added to the end or beginning of your videos for a professional look and feel. Download the images.

YouTube Assets

Below are assets you can download and use in your YouTube-bound videos. To learn how to incorporate these assets and upload a final video to YouTube, read our process guide.

Thumbnail Templates

Thumbnail YouTube

Branded thumbnails are for videos uploaded to YouTube. Find a template.

End Cards

End Card YouTube

End cards are images that provide a branded layout to place recommended videos or playlists and to encourage channel subscriptions. Download an end card.

PowerPoint Template

Choose from multiple title and content slide options to create a branded presentation with our Ball State University PowerPoint template and theme.

Marketing Photos

Browse and download images from our selection of high-quality marketing photos for use in your print or digital marketing materials. For photos related to your particular area, contact your account strategist to schedule a photo shoot.

Download Marketing Photos

Graphic Treatment of Textural Photos

The textural photos should be evocative of the campus, simple yet recognizable in their details, with thought as to how they can be utilized as graphic elements in print and web. Also important is maintaining negative space in the composition.

This look translates best in digital format.

black and white feather texture

Download Textures


  1. In Photoshop, add a layer filled with cardinal red on top of the photo.
  2. Set the layer blending mode to multiply.

We Fly Banner GraphicWe Fly Banner Graphic

Enhance your materials with the We Fly Banner Graphic element.

Download We Fly Banner Graphics

Zoom Background Graphics

Display a graphic as your background during a Zoom meeting.

Download Zoom Background