The Ball State University Provost and the AVP/Executive Director for Career and Professional Development announced the Skills Infusion Program would begin a scaling process starting in the fall of 2019. 

Academic-year, full-time Ball State faculty members are invited to apply for a paid training and collaboration experience. The goals are to help students better articulate transferrable skills learned in concert with course content and to provide a gap analysis tool which students can use to reflect on skills not yet practiced or learned.

This professional development experience, termed “the “Skills Infusion Program” will take place over the course of one semester via a series of 3-large group, required workshops and focus on reviewing course syllabi, mapping course outcomes to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) transferable skills, and reflecting this on syllabi with input from the Career Center and Indiana employer/alumni partners. 

The program is expanding to also include individuals within the co-curricular space across the university to share ways to incorporate the skills into student organizations, leadership, training, and programming. 

Getting Started

  • Faculty Fellows (2) will receive a $750 RIA deposit.
  • Faculty Fellows will be consistent faculty voice for the colleges they represent and liaise between the faculty, the college, and the Career Center.
  • Faculty Fellows will work with their respective college(s) to recruit interested faculty each semester. 
  • Faculty Fellows will be expected to coordinate, lead, and complete individual meetings in between workshops with faculty within their college(s) to accomplish the given tasks.  
  • Faculty Fellows are responsible for collecting, approving, and submitting completed deliverables to the Career Center for all faculty within their college(s). 
  • Faculty Participants will receive a $500 RIA deposit.
  • The Skills Infusion Program is limited to one semester and includes three, required large group workshops and no more than two independent meetings with their Faculty Fellow throughout the semester. 
  • The expectation is that within one semester a Faculty Participant will do the following:
    • Provide an updated syllabus, outlining course outcomes mapped to NACE competencies.
    • Show examples of course activities that help students articulate transferrable skills, along with supporting mapping worksheets, etc.
  • Compensation for the Faculty Fellows will be a $750 RIA deposit.
  • Compensation for the Faculty Participant will be a $500 RIA deposit.
  • For more information about RIA accounts and/or SUBMIT funds, please contact Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA). 
  • Once there is documentation of a final updated syllabus, the process worksheets, etc. are received and reviewed by the Career Center, a request will be generated through SPA.