Why participate in one of the many programs and services offered through the Career Center? Here’s what we know: Students who leverage our programs aren’t just gaining exposure to more jobs. They’re landing more jobs than any competitor from similar universities.

And they're not the only ones benefiting. Faculty, staff, alumni, and employers have all discovered that when they rely on the Career Center as a resource, the impacts on their classrooms, organizations, and businesses consistently exemplify words like real-world learning, career-ready employees, and return on investment.

Each year, people invest thousands of dollars on career coaches—searching for the same kind of answers you can find right here at the Ball State University Career Center. We’re always ready to help you align your long-term goals with your everyday choices. Learn more.
The KEY Careers Program (Knowledge, Experience, and You) is about eliminating the guesswork as you start your college career. The KEY Careers Program is for every Ball State University freshman and begins during freshman orientation. All freshmen must complete the mandatory KEY Careers online experience after arriving on campus. Learn more.
The Career-Ready Program is for any Ball State undergraduate or graduate student who wants to advance career possibilities. Career-Ready is a self-paced experience that students can complete any time before they graduate. Learn more.
The Career Center’s workshops and presentations merge students, faculty, and employers together, combining knowledge with experience in ways that deliver actionable strategies for problem-solving, networking, interviewing, and more. Learn more.
Each year, hundreds of Ball State students participate in the Practice Interview Program, allowing them to polish their interview skills while building valuable networks with the hundreds of organizations and prospective employers who come to Ball State in search of interns and full-time, entry-level employees. Learn more.
When you sit down with us to review your resume and other application materials, we’ll talk about your career goals, and then we’ll make sure that the career story you’re telling on paper will be a clear and compelling message. Learn more.
Every semester, Indiana-based companies invite students to join them offering a behind-the-scenes look into company culture, management, operations, and more. Learn more.
You’ve got only one chance to make a good first impression, so understanding the professional expectations of your potential work environment is one of the most critical steps you’ll ever make when it comes to winning a job offer. Learn important skills like how to dress for an interview, how to display proper dining etiquette, and how to display a professional demeanor. Learn more.
Every year, more than 300 employers arrive on Ball State University’s campus in search of team members who know their stuff (and have the real-world experience to prove it). Learn more.
When you’re ready to recruit Ball State University students, know that the Career Center is here take care of the small details so you can focus on the big decisions, like hiring the best people for the job. Learn more.
Wondering how your competitors are consistently hiring the best and the brightest? Let us introduce you to our deep talent pool—more than 20,000 students who are learning some of the most cutting-edge approaches to your industry. Learn more.
Gain valuable experience, build your professional network, and determine if you're on the right career path by participating in an internship. We'll bring you, your faculty, and potential employers together to set you up with one of these incredible opportunities. Learn more.

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Want to discover how you can get involved with what’s happening here at the Career Center? One of our career coaches can get you started on identifying your needs and help direct you to our many services and resources. Or if you have other questions, then feel free to reach out to our office.

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We have services and resources to meet your needs depending on which of the following stages of your career journey you are in. So at which stages is it most useful to use the services described on this page? See below!
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Explore Options

Let our career experts, professional network, and tools guide you through some of your earliest choices.

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Develop Skills

Resumes, interviews, workplace etiquette, and more play such a large role in making sure you’ll earn a future job offer.

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Build Experiences

We’re here to make sure you find the best connections, the strongest networks, and the best experiences.

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Make the Transition

Ready to leap from classroom to professional world? We’re here to help you with job postings, on-campus interviewing, job fairs, and more.