If we’re being completely honest, you actually don’t have to wish at all. That’s because we’ve partnered with leading employers to find out exactly what they want from potential job candidates. They’ve told us what it means to be a professional, what skills they believe are important, and what it takes to succeed in a competitive job market. These skills are what we call Career Competencies.

The Career Ready program was created as plug and play curriculum to help faculty embed these competencies into their curriculum. Ball State students will have access to Career Ready modules during their time at Ball State and students will be completing the modules through assignments embedded into their academic courses.

The Career Ready Program is for any Ball State student who wants to advance career possibilities. Career Ready is a self-paced experience that students can complete any time before they graduate. Many courses embed Career Ready activities into their classes so many students will be completing the program as part of their course curriculum. 

Faculty members interested in embedding Career Ready into your curriculum?
Contact us at careerready@bsu.edu and our team will help you get started. 

The Career Ready Program provides employer engagement experience, relevant leadership and volunteer experience, an enhanced professional image, and an opportunity to reflect on the 8 key competencies employers are looking for in student graduates.

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Many students will be participating in the program as part of a course requirement. However, all students have access to Career Ready at any time by visiting the Canvas Community located on their main Canvas dashboard. In the Canvas Community, you’ll see each of the 8 competencies listed as an individual module. Within each module, you’ll see a list of assignments that will introduce you to activities, resources, and experiences that will provide opportunities for engagement with and the development of the competency it’s connected to.

Once you’ve completed the activities, the final assignment in each competency module is a brief reflection on how these activities have informed your understanding of that competency.

The goal is to show you how all of your activities - curricular and co-curricular- are providing you with opportunities to develop Career Ready competencies that all employers want to see in a new professional.


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