We can’t wait to have you as a resident on campus! The process for applying for housing is simple, but there are a few differences depending on if you are a new or returning student. A full list of our rates and contract terms can be found here.

Apply Now Rates and Terms


If you’re a freshman or transfer student who plans to begin at Ball State in the fall, indicate on your application for admissions that you plan to live on campus, and confirm your enrollment (to the Office of Admissions). 

You will receive information via mail and email (to your Ball State Outlook account) on how to request a space in our residence hall system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step-by-Step: How to Launch the Housing Application

  1. Visit bsu.edu/housing/apply to start your application. Click on the 'Visit the Housing Portal" or 'Apply for a Residency Exemption' link
  2. Log in to the online portal with your Ball State credentials (username and password) *If you need assistance to activate your Ball State username, please contact the University Technical Services Help Desk at 765-285-1517. Make sure to have your Ball State ID Number ready (provided in your admissions packet) for the Help Desk staff.
  3. Select 'Residence Halls' or 'Residency Exemption' in the red banner at top of the page
  4. When the 'Term Selector' page appears, select the term you are applying, then 'Continue'
  5. Select 'Begin Application' in the Residence Hall application or 'Begin Exemption Application' in the Residency Exemption application
  6. Follow the continuing steps until the application is submitted and complete. (Your application is complete once you reach the 'Application Details' page

Once the Office of Admissions has your enrollment confirmation, your name will be added to the list for access to the online housing application if you originally indicated on your application for admission that you want to live in a residence hall.

Housing and Residence Life will send instructions and the link to use the new online application.

If you did not indicate on your application for admission that you plan to live in a residence hall, contact our office and request on-campus housing.

The personal identification number (PIN) is given to each student for use with the “Search for a Roommate” function. The number is unique to you and is assigned only for the purpose of looking for a potential roommate.

Please do not confuse this number with the Ball State ID number that was or will be assigned to you.

Please complete all the steps in the online housing application, make the $125 housing deposit, and submit the online contract by the deadline.

By not submitting the contract in its entirety (all questions completed, housing deposit paid, and contract signed) this indicates to our office that you are not interested in living on-campus in the residence halls, thus forfeiting your space to another confirmed student.

The deposit for housing is $125. You may make the deposit online or by mailing a check or money order in this amount to Housing and Residence Life.

The housing deposit must be paid for us to hold a space for you.

We will hold this deposit until you leave the residence halls, according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Yes, you can make any changes to the online housing application at any time before July 15, including updating your profile, searching for a roommate, and changing your meal plan.

However, after you submit your application and you've chosen the contract type (Premium Plan or Standard contract), you cannot change the contract type online and must call the office of Housing and Residence Life.

If you don't know your roommate, go ahead and make the $125 housing deposit and complete your online housing application. That way, we'll know your plans to live on campus and you may make a roommate request until July 15.

In the Search for a Roommate section of the online housing application, request each other by entering your potential roommate's first name and PIN.

You both will need to check the box that indicates you wish to be included in the roommate search. That is how the software will be able to search for your intended roommate's name/PIN.

From there, you both will need to request one another via the Housing Portal. Once that's been done, both students will receive a notification on their housing profile showing that a new message has been received regarding a roommate request. You both will then need to open the message and take the final action steps indicated in order to officially confirm one another as roommates for the academic year.

As long as space permits, all required action items (listed above) are met, and you complete this by the July 21, 2023 deadline, we will do our best to place you together.

As of the 2023-2024 Academic Year, Honors College students can request a non-honors student as their roommate.

Due to the increased number of students returning to the residence halls and the anticipated size of the freshman class, roommate requests and roommate changes received after the designated deadline cannot be honored.

Email messages from potential roommates and the Office of Housing and Residence Life are available at your Ball State email address, accessible through my.bsu.edu.

To log-in, you'll use the username and password that Ball State sent you during the admissions (credentials) process.

If you forget your username or password, contact the BSU IT Help Desk or call 765-285-1517 for assistance.

There are also messages within the Room Sign-up Web that can be viewed on our website.

The contract's terms and conditions are available for review on the online housing application.

It's common that the online application website may be experiencing unusually high traffic at that time. Please log out and try again later. Sessions are timed for 20 minutes, so please be aware that it is possible for you to time out. Information you have completed before timing out should be saved.

You'll hear from Housing and Residence Life in June or July via your BSU email account about details to rent a MicroFridge.  You can learn more in advance by visiting www.bedloft.com. You'll also receive more information about renting a bike locker.

In late July, following the conclusion of Freshmen Orientation,  you'll receive your hall and roommate assignment, along with helpful tips for move-in.

If you are a current student planning on returning to live in the residence halls for the next Academic Year, take the time to learn more about Returner Sign-Up!

"Returner Sign-Up" is the opportunity for students to choose exactly where they want to live on campus for the next Academic Year. Returner Sign-Up falls within a certain range of dates and does require several action items in order to secure a desired spot in the residence halls.

The Returner Sign-Up process for the 2023-2024 Academic Year begins on Wednesday, January 18.

Click the button below to learn more. We hope to see you in the halls again next academic year! 

Returner Sign-Up

International students need to follow the same application processes as all Ball State students, whether they are incoming or current students. However, there are some additional considerations for students living outside of the U.S.

Ball State offers two different types of living accommodations for students: residence halls (dormitories) and the University Apartments.

The following information provided is to help make the decision on which type of living space to request.

Let us know your intention to live in the residence halls (dormitories). As long as eligibility requirements are met, completing an online application will allow our office to save a space in the halls for you.

International students must meet our freshman residency requirement when attending Ball State.

The policy states that all students are required to live in university housing (dormitory) unless you are one of the following exceptions:

  • 21 years of age before beginning your first term
  • Have 24 or more accepted credits at Ball State after graduating from high school
  • Married
  • A custodial parent of a dependent child
  • Living with your parents in their primary residence within a 60-mile radius of campus

If you do not meet any of these requirements, you must request housing in the residence halls (dormitory).

International students who apply for the residence halls (dormitories) will automatically be eligible for double rooms.

Housing for international students is located in Studebaker East and it is open during university break periods (Thanksgiving break, semester break, and spring break). There is an additional charge to stay in our halls over the designated breaks that can be added to students' eBill. 

Overnight guests are not permitted during break periods. There is no meal service during break periods. Cooking in your room, except when using a microwave oven, is not permitted.

There may be opportunities for international students to upgrade their room at a higher price to a double as a single room, based on availability.

If you are interested in an upgraded room, contact our office.

Residence hall housing contracts are effective for the entire academic year. Contracts are also offered for the spring semester.

The contract is a legal agreement, and if you break or cancel the contract, there is a penalty.

After arriving on campus (and you have a signed contract on file), you will be issued a room and key. Guests and family members must make sleeping arrangements outside of the residence halls. There are several hotels located near campus.

A signed contract must be on file with the housing and residence life office before any student can officially move in.

Because housing/dining contracts do not begin before the start of fall/spring academic semesters, if a student moves in before the designated move-in day, there will be an extra daily charge added to their contract.

For students living in the halls (dormitories), their housing contract is for both their room and meals. Learn more detailed information about the meal plans offered prior to signing the housing contract.


Bed linens are not included in room and board. Please plan to bring these items to the hall when you move in.

The cost to live in the residence halls in a double room for the academic year depends on the residence hall and meal plan selected.

There are also nightly charges for early move-in/late move-out and break periods if housing is needed.

In addition, you will pay a $125 housing deposit and a $60 per semester technology fee.

The residence halls (dormitories) are for Ball State students only. International students may request a roommate using our online application or be assigned to a roommate when they arrive. If you have a roommate request, please include this information on the online application.


If you have additional questions about the room sign-up process, send us an email.