The Office of Housing and Residence Life and Living-Learning Communities presents the Signature Experience in collaboration with multiple academic colleges. This opportunity is for incoming first-year students who are highly invested in their academic experience, seek to surround themselves with peers and support systems within their field of study, and want to develop connections with faculty members!

We believe that true learning happens both inside and outside traditional academic settings. That's why we've crafted the Signature Experience, an innovative approach that integrates residential living with academic exploration. As part of our commitment to engaging all students in the learning and discovery process, the Signature Experience offers a unique pathway to academic success and personal fulfillment, igniting student's passion for learning, setting them on a path of continuous growth.

The Signature Experience is the only program in Housing and Residence Life that guarantees that students will have a bed space in the hall of their LLC, and every Signature Experience program is unique. This program brings the best engagement opportunities out of the partnership and dives into our Living-Learning Communities (LLCs), where a student’s college experience transcends the classroom and extends into their residence hall.

Students interested in participating in this experience will be able to indicate their interest when filling out their Housing Application. Representatives from the participating colleges will select students to participate on a rolling basis based on the timeline below. 

Signature Experience Benefits

The Signature Experience program is the only way to guarantee a bed space in your LLC hall. Students will have a guaranteed bed space in the residence hall with the Living-Learning Community that correlates with the major they've declared through the University or their acceptance to the Honors College.
Signature Experience students receive priority access to various resources and opportunities their Living-Learning Community offers. From educational trips to engaging workshops and co-curricular experiences, you'll have first dibs on enriching activities that complement your academic pursuits.
As a Signature Experience student, you must agree to be paired with another student pursuing a similar field of study. This arrangement fosters a supportive living environment, encouraging collaboration, study, and mutual growth. Typically, your assigned roommate will also be from the same academic college or, in the case of Honors, who is confirmed with the Honors College, promoting connections and camaraderie within your academic community.
As a component of the Signature Experience program, students are pre-registered in major-specific or Honors College course(s) during their first year. The nature of these courses may vary across communities, as they are designed to align closely with the goals and objectives of the respective academic college.  

Signature Experience Timeline

Incoming first-year students admitted and confirmed to the University for the 2024-2025 Academic Year can begin applying for on-campus housing through the Ball State Housing Portal.
Additionally, at this time, students with a major or Honors status that is part of the Signature Experience are eligible to indicate their participation interest in the Signature Experience when filling out theirHousing Application.

We highly encourage students to complete their Housing Application (answer all questions, pay the housing deposit, and sign the contract) as soon as possible.

A limited number of students who indicate their interest in participating in the Signature Experience on their Housing Application will be selected by representatives from the participating colleges. Students will then be notified that they have been chosen to participate in the Signature Experience.

After receiving a Signature Experience offer, you must still accept it! If you do not respond, it will be assumed that you are no longer interested, and the offer will be rescinded and given to someone else. If you decide that you do not want to participate, please indicate that in the housing portal so that we can extend the invitation to someone else.  Please note that acceptance into the Signature Experience will continue to happen on a rolling basis. If interested in the opportunity and it's past the designated selection date, we encourage students to apply for it via their Housing Application.

On May 1, no additional interest for any Signature Experience programs will be collected. At this point, confirmed Signature Experience students will be pre-registered into the corresponding connected courses by their Academic Colleges, and we look forward to welcoming you to campus for Orientation!
Signature Experience students can select their bed space in their residence hall early. More information will be shared via student's Ball State email, but at this time, students who are confirmed in the Signature Experience program will have the opportunity to select their bed in the LLC hall of their Signature Experience program.  

Please note: 
The Office of Housing and Residence Life is hopeful the Signature Experience will expand across all LLCs and Academic Colleges in the future.


If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.