Bruce Storhoff
Bruce Storhoff
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

University of Iowa Ph.D. (1968)
Luther College B.A. (1964)
Rochester Junior College A.A. (1962)

Research Interests

We are interested in designing molecules that can bind or interact with a wide variety of metal ions or metal centers in either nonaqueous or aqueous media.storhoff_1  Central to this research is the idea that systems with more than one metal binding site can serve not only as models for metalloenzymes but also as precursors for catalysts and systems that have molecular recognition properties.  Recent work has focused on both crown ether and crown thio ether systems functionalized with groups including amines or phosphines.  Our current research is directed toward designing and synthesizing molecules that can respond to the presence of specific ions including Ca+2, transport low valent transition metals between aqueous and non aqueous phases, selectively interact with substrates with specific  conformations or chiralities, or be used as chemical switches.  Additional efforts are being directed toward the design and synthesis of metal-binding molecules synthesized from natural products including terpenes.


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