Paul Porter

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Ball State

B.S., Communication Studies, 2001

Speech Team, 1997-2001

Current Position

Director of Diversity & Inclusion
National Speech and Debate Association


Dr. Paul Porter is Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the National Speech and Debate Association, where he serves as Chief Diversity Officer with focus on strategic planning, assessment, and diversity initiatives for the largest high school speech and debate organization in the nation.

Dr. Porter's work explores how effective intercultural communication practices create better learning environments for college students of color. His specific areas of interest include intercultural communication competence, unconscious bias, racial identity, and campus experiences for students from historically underrepresented student populations. He has shared his perspectives on race, violence, and social justice in higher education in guest lectures across the state of Indiana and nationwide.

Dr. Porter earned his bachelor of science in Communication from Ball State University and holds a master's degree in Communication from Eastern Michigan University and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Indiana State University.

Paul Porter

“Ball State and, specifically, the College of Communication, Information, and Media have played such influential roles in shaping my life! My professors in Communication Studies were culturally competent, responsive, and kind, while also steadfast in their insistence that I work hard and be held accountable for the educational experience I wanted to create for myself. It's been years since I took a class at Ball State, but I always find myself reminded of some nugget of wisdom taken from a professor or a lesson learned from my campus experience. I'm also well aware that higher education's success in the 2020s and beyond will rely on a community of dedicated educators who are situated and resourced to chase innovative practices and to give each student the same gift I received from Ball State and CCIM. Being part of the DEAC and working alongside such talented colleagues and captains of industry is the least I can do. I am proud to be part of the DEAC and humbled to serve as Chair.”