Joe Huber

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Ball State

B.A., Telecommunications: Sales & Promotions, 2008
M.A., Journalism: Public Relations, 2014

Current Position

Head of Community, Force Managment


Joe is the Head of Community at Force Management. He previously spent six years at Sprout Social, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock market. Joe's passion is connecting people with one another, the brands he works for, and focuses on educating the community members in meaningful ways. 

Community has been a fascination of his since his days at Ball State. Joe left sales to pursue careers in communications and content because he felt that is where he would have a larger impact. When not working on how to create the best customer experience possible, he is hanging out with his wife, Bliss, their daughter, and their dog, Haywood, and probably having a fire in the backyard. 

Joe is also a professional voice actor, having secured international, national, and dramatic spots. He continues his work in this arena while pursuing acting jobs in animation, as well.

Joe Huber

“I joined the DEAC in January of 2017. At the outset, I wanted to ensure that we were spending our time focused on the students while offering insight into how they might interact with social media as professionals. Since then, social media has cemented itself as something that almost every person will use in some capacity in their careers, if not their personal lives. I've always wanted to shine light on what that means for students and how they might be able to study the topic before becoming professional practitioners, themselves. Being in the DEAC is one of the things of which I'm most proud of as I continue my professional journey as a Cardinal alumnus.”