Dan Wright

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Current Position

Executive Director of Strategy
Accutech Systems Corp.


Dan Wright serves as Executive Director of Strategy for Accutech Systems Corporation, a financial technology company based in Muncie, Indiana. Dan began his career in health care, culminating in the leadership of the information technology efforts of two Indiana hospitals. He went on to co-found and lead a custom software development company that created a variety of solutions for higher education and beyond, including a digital signage solution implemented in the White House. Prior to joining Accutech, Dan served as Provost of a college in downtown Newark, New Jersey and led the development and accreditation of its first graduate programs.

Dan Wright

"It is an honor to be invited to serve as a member of the DEAC representing Accutech Systems and the Muncie business community. Having worked in both higher education and business, I truly appreciate that Ball State University and the CCIM thoughtfully invests in not only its students but the local community. I look forward to providing a viewpoint from the business community, and technology industry in particular, that will be of value to the CCIM and its future graduates."