Our nationally recognized programs prepare you for meaningful, successful careers that will advance our world. Within a welcoming community, you’ll learn from leading educators who believe in hands-on, real-world learning alongside the best firms and minds. Build your future with us.


First-Year Program

Follow a common course of study with your peers as you build a broad and solid foundation in all our disciplines before deciding on a major. This holistic approach provides you with a comprehensive overview of these interconnected fields, which better prepares you to understand and work with a range of professionals. Learn more.

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Architecture Major

Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Science

Looking to become a licensed architect? Our pre-professional bachelor of science or bachelor of arts provides you with a solid grounding in the concepts and skills needed to excel in the industry.  Learn more.

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Environmental Design Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our program outfits you with a strong design-based education that can lead to a career in design, construction, or related field (but not a licensed architect). Learn more.

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Landscape Architecture Major

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Our program is ranked among the nation’s best, and your five-year investment will reward you with the tools and outlook needed to design land and outdoor spaces. Learn more.

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Urban Planning and Development Major

Bachelor of Urban Planning and Development

Want to plan cities of the future? Our program, ranked among the best in the region, will prepare you to achieve as an urban planner in the public and private sectors. Learn more.

Architecture Students

Master of Architecture 

Gain the qualifications you need to become a licensed architect through rigorous, hands-on professional education within a welcoming community. Learn more.

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Master's Degree in Historic Preservation

Master of Science

Become part of a movement to use resources of the past to ensure a rich, meaningful way of life for our future. Learn more.

Landscape Architecture

Master of Landscape Architecture

Gain qualifications to pass the professional examination required to practice landscape architecture. 

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Master of Urban and Regional Planning 

Our holistic, hands-on approach to learning with access to the latest technology and theories will prepare you to excel in this dynamic field to improve our world. Learn more.

Master of Urban Design Students

Master of Urban Design

Interdisciplinary problem solving and innovation guide real-world applications in Indianapolis—our urban laboratory. This fast-track program can be completed in one year, and courses are scheduled to accommodate working professionals. Learn more.

Digital Fabrication

Graduate Certificate in Digital Fabrication

This 12 credit-hour certificate engages community projects and research methods to empower you to translate digital processes alongside industry partners in an open, collaborative environment. Learn more.


Graduate Certificate in Social and Environmental Justice

This 12 credit-hour certificate will let you explore and advance issues of equity as they relate to the design of the built environment during. Learn more.

Students in Historic Preservation

Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

This 12 credit-hour certificate in historic preservation provides students with a solid understanding of complex issues in the preservation of heritage sites and offers opportunities to engage in community base projects. Learn more.
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Real Estate Development

Entrepreneurs focused on building prosperous, affordable communities will gain valuable insight into real estate development of the future. Be part of the state’s only program of its kind. Learn more.

Minor in Historic Preservation

Undergraduate students of all disciplines are invited to enroll in this 15-credit-hour minor to explore how historic structures and neighborhoods can progress while maintaining their character. Learn more.

Landscape Architecture Student

Minor in Landscape Architecture

A minor in landscape architecture—a 16-credit-hour experience—pairs nicely with a range of majors, as it deepens your understanding of the planning, designing, and management of land. Learn more.

Real Estate Developoment

Minor in Real Estate Development 

This 25-credit-hour program offers core courses paired with electives in a range of specializations, including construction, housing and property management, community development, and real estate law.  Learn more.

Urban Planning Student

Minor in Urban Planning

Learn how to help communities deal with growth, change, and renewal in ways that maintain and improve quality of life. Learn more.

DesignWorks Summer Academy

The best in our field often explore design and architecture long before they enter college. One of the best ways to get early exposure to the field is through out DesignWorks Summer Academy, which exposes young minds to a wide range of design activities. Learn more.