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Quick Facts

  • Delivery: On-campus
  • Not open to architecture majors

Our four-year environmental design degree is a strong, design-based education focused on understanding and interacting with built environments. If you’re interested in architecture-related careers, but not one as a licensed architect, this is the major for you.

If you want to pursue a professional license in the field of architecture, please consider our bachelor’s degrees in architecture and our master of architecture degree.

Requirements for This Major

As an environmental design student, the core of what you’ll study includes:

  • design
  • design communications
  • architectural history
  • structures
  • environmental systems
  • building technology

You can also choose from a variety of related electives in architecture and other disciplines.

You may pursue this 126-credit degree as either a bachelor of science (BS) or a bachelor of arts (BA). The BA requires two years (or the equivalent) of study in a foreign language. For detailed information on each class, see our Undergraduate Course Catalog.

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