Our 12-credit certificate in historic preservation provides students with a solid understanding of complex issues in the preservation of historic buildings and heritage sites. The curriculum offers opportunities to engage in community base projects.

What You’ll Study

Through interdisciplinary, immersive projects and research, our curriculum engages you in leading theories and applies them to historic challenges existing modes of practice and design. You’ll learn in studios and labs with the latest technology.

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Core Requirements

This course presents the history, philosophy and current practice of heritage preservation. Students examine the roles of significant public, private and non-profit preservation agencies and organizations. The legal basis of preservation is studied, as well as the process for documenting, designating and protecting heritage places. Preservation treatment and re-use options are examined in light of conservation, sustainability and cultural continuity concerns.

Nine Hours from the Following Electives

The roots and development phases of American architecture and design are explored, beginning with Native American and Colonial examples, through the exploration, development, urbanization, industrialization, modernist and post-industrial epochs. Both vernacular and high style design examples are covered, with emphasis on regional and cultural diversity. Design examples are drawn from the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning.
A comprehensive examination of the methods of surveying, researching, recording and registering historic properties and heritage sites. Legal concepts of “significance” and “context” are applied to evaluating the historic built environment. The course emphasizes applying professional documentation methods to existing heritage places.
This course examines the structure and function of international, federal, state and local laws and programs governing heritage preservation activities. Planning and economic development aspects of preservation practice are studied in the context of conservation and protection of heritage places.
An investigation of the materials and systems of construction used in historic buildings. Students examine contemporary technology used to document, analyze and diagnose building conditions as a basis to formulate interventions for the stewardship of historic structures.
This course provides an in-depth investigation of complex social, cultural and political case studies in contemporary heritage conservation. A foundation is laid for development of individual philosophies and ethics regarding preservation practice.
Graduate preservation exercises involving project-based learning, with opportunity to apply technical skills and academic concepts to community and professional preservation problems.

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