Shireen Kanakri with students in the Healthy Autism Design Lab

CAP Lab Tests Impact of Room Design on Children With Autism

Inside a quiet room on the Ball State University campus, 5-year-old Camden wrinkles up his nose and frowns at the ceiling, looking for the source of a sudden noise. A few seconds later he’s back at play, seemingly untroubled, but on the other side of the darkened glass, autism researcher Shireen Kanakri closely watches the scene. Read more.

Rainwater is collected from the butterfly shaped roof, runs down a gutter and into an open bucket with a spigot to allow children to play with the collected water. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Crane.)

CAP Students Design, Help Dig in to Enhance Community Garden

In the Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhood, where getting fresh produce can be a challenging and time-consuming venture, Maring-Hunt Library Community Garden has given residents access to fresh produce since 2003. Yet, neighbors knew some things were missing. There was a water spigot and a shed to store tools and materials, but it lacked shade and needed to be a more inviting space. Read more.

students in Death Valley

Trek to Death Valley Tests Whether Student-Designed Shelters Can Stand the Heat

College of Architecture students tackled the challenge of creating a shelter that's portable, easy to assemble, and can keep people safe in extreme environments. Read more.

Cut From the Same Cloth, Urban Planning Majors Build a Fashion Label

Juniors Josh Sims and Nate Robert-Eze promote a theme of unity and learn about entrepreneurship after launching 2eze Apparel. Read more.

Plan to boost Waterloo taking shape

Graduate students in urban planning are studying ways to re-energize Waterloo’s downtown district. They began last month and will report their recommendations April 17 at 5:30 p.m. in the Waterloo town library. Read more.

Plan for the Muncie Mission Transitional Housing for Men. copyright Janet Fick

Immersive learning course designs 25 local houses

Twenty-five addresses — that’s how you can measure the impact of this class. Each of these addresses represents a house designed by Ball State students for nonprofits to support local residents.

Architecture student Leonna Huddleston

Architecture Student Hopes to Make Her Passion a Career

Leonna Huddleston started drawing at age 5 by tracing coloring books with her brother at their home in Indianapolis. Now a freshman at Ball State University, she loves drawing so much, she does it in her free time. Eventually, she hopes use her architecture major and business minor to start her own architectural firm, where she will design fashions and the building they’re designed in. Read more.

Students Design, Build a Mobile Greenhouse to Help Urban Farm Flourish

Students Design, Build a Mobile Greenhouse to Help Urban Farm Flourish

An architecture professor and 17 students undertake the project to extend the growing season of a sustainable 1-acre plot in Indianapolis. Read more.

CAP Students Rehab Houses, Turning Eyesores Into Fresh Starts

The Muncie housing nonprofit ecoREHAB offers architecture students hands-on experience and a chance to renew neighborhoods and help low-income residents. Read more.

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