You can download the Tinker Street Urban Design Workshop publications in Adobe PDF format below. If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, you can download it free by visiting the Adobe Web site.

A summary four-page newspaper insert was produced for the Keyhole neighborhood newspaper and is available below. A series of six poster boards was also produced to provide additional details, maps, and sketches from the workshop.

File sizes are noted--download times may vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection. For the poster boards, a full size option and an 11x17 option is available. For high-quality print versions of the poster boards, please contact us.

Download Summary Newspaper Insert (Summary)
Newspaper Insert (1.1mb)

Download Presentation Boards
30x20 Poster Board Set (4.3mb)
17x11 Poster Board Set (1.4mb)

Introduction & Community Input
30x20 Poster Board (428kb)
17x11 Poster Board (298kb)

Mixed Use Development is Key!
30x20 Poster Board (2.1mb)
17x11 Poster Board (417kb)

Street Alternatives
30x20 Poster Board (488kb)
17x11 Poster Board (253kb)

Greening-Up the Corridor
30x20 Poster Board (486kb)
17x11 Poster Board (242kb)

New Community Spaces
30x20 Poster Board (599kb)
17x11 Poster Board (246kb)

Mixed Use Redevelopment
30x20 Poster Board (656kb)
17x11 Poster Board (274kb)