Who is Gallup?

Gallup is an analytics and advice firm that has been studying human nature and performance for over 80 years. They are experts in employee engagement and are responsible for the creation of the gold standard Q12 employee engagement survey. With their unmatched science and history researching the topic, they help leaders and organizations worldwide solve their most pressing problems.

About the Survey

The Ball State Engagement Survey is a significant part of our strategy to enhance Human Resources and establish ourselves as a model of people and culture. We aim to create an even more conducive environment for our employees to work in and help them experience even greater fulfillment. Ball State Leadership has committed to conducting this survey annually, recognizing that employee engagement is an ongoing process. The survey serves as the first step, providing valuable data that helps us engage in meaningful conversations, leading to meaningful changes within the workplace and fueling a culture of collaboration.

  • Distributed by Gallup in February
  • Runs from 2024-2029

It’s Quick

You will be asked to indicate your level of agreement with each of 13 statements. It should not take any longer than 10 minutes to complete the survey.

It’s Confidential

There will be no way to identify individual responses to the statements.

It’s Important

Gathering feedback from Ball State employees about their work will help Ball State understand employee needs—what is being done well and where there are opportunities to improve.

It can encourage action and inspire change

The survey is not just meant to be informative but also intended to drive meaningful action and identify areas for improvement in the workplace.

More on Confidentiality

  • Ball State University has partnered with Gallup to collect and protect survey data.
  • Gallup adheres to strict confidentiality rules—individuals’ responses are always confidential and not identifiable by anyone at Ball State.
  • All data collected is saved in Gallup’s secure systems and kept strictly confidential.
  • Your survey link, personal information, and individual responses will NOT be shared with Ball State University or its leadership.
  • During the survey, Ball State may receive updates on the number of employees who have completed the survey, but not which specific employees completed it.
  • All responses are aggregated into larger business units or workgroups of no fewer than five employees to ensure responses cannot be traced back to an individual.

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