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Purpose of Action Planning

Action Planning is the most impactful stage. It addresses the feedback from the survey and converts actionable information into positive change. These changes are what positively impact employee engagement.

A Simple Approach to Taking Action

Employee engagement is not a one-time event; it is a process that needs to be focused on year-round by best practice organizations. One effective way of achieving this is through action planning, which involves supervisors, managers, and employees working together to create a plan that can be activated, monitored, and celebrated based on one survey question.

The true transformative power of engagement lies in what happens after the survey is conducted. Conducting conversations and developing an action plan can be vital strategies for improving employee engagement and creating a highly engaged team.

All employees are encouraged to participate in the action planning process in your area. Gallup provides a simple yet effective approach:

  1. Review your Ball State Engagement Survey results and have an open guided discussion.
  2. Prioritize an engagement item to focus on.
  3. As a team, create a simple action plan.

To get involved in your unit's action planning process, simply reach out to your manager or supervisor.