Jean Wheat

Jean Wheat

Jean Wheat Success Story

Facilities Landscape Worker, South Grounds

"When I started this journey to improve my health, I knew I needed to make some changes in my eating and exercise habits. I am active in my job, but exercising after work and on the weekends at least four days a week has made a difference in how I feel. I have more energy. I also realized I ate way too much, so I've been cutting out snacks, making smarter food choices, and watching my portions. It's making a difference. So far, I've lost 43 pounds. My family, friends, co-workers, and the Working Well office are part of my support system. They encourage me and keep me accountable toward my goals."

Todd Sciscoe

Todd Sciscoe

Materials Handler, Shipping and Receiving

Purchasing Services

"December 28, 2015, I decided it was time to start doing something about my health. I cut my eating in half and started walking at lunch with a 40-pound weight vest. All I did was walk around the warehouse, and the weight started falling off. Fast forward to April and my wife, Jackie, set a goal for us to ride 1,000 miles on our bikes. We reached that goal in 59 days. I have started working out out with old-school stuff, a 300 pound tractor tire, cinder blocks, a logging chain, a three-pound jump rope, and a sledge hammer. My goal is to keep this up until my next doctor visit. At my most recent visit, all my vitals were at or below normal, and all were down from my last visit." 

Linda TaylorLinda Taylor, Assistant Professor

Department of Elementary Education 

"In 2009 I was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma.  It took almost 9 months before the doctor felt my asthma was under control.  As part of my asthma treatment I meet bi-annually with a person in the AHN Respiratory Clinic.  Yearly I take a spirometry test.  Two years ago the test identified me as having the lungs of a 60+ person.  Last year I worsened to a 70+ year-olds lungs.  However, this year when the test was conducted in March, the test revealed that I have the lungs of a 55-year-old, which is my actual age!  I credit 

my improvement to the fact that I participated in the “Take the Stairs” challenge in TC during Feb. & March.  I have difficulty doing stairs, so I walked laps on the floors.  I would take the elevator to the 10th floor and go down the stairs and on each level that had a circular layout, I would walk laps.  By the end of the stair challenge, I was doing 3 times as many laps as I did when I started!  While I still struggle with my weight, I at least feel like I’m moving better than I have in years!  The stair challenge was the motivation that I needed!" 

Dianna CookDianna Cook

Payroll Representative
Payroll and Employee Benefits

"I love how Ball State is working to help us become healthier. Our Working Well Ambassador, Terri Heston, has been bigger cheerleader for the last year since started a weight loss and exercise program. She keeps our office excited about exercise and makes it fun. She has impacted my life and the lives of many others in a very positive and profound way."