Assessment of student learning in Ball State University's academic programs is an essential means of identifying areas for growth and improvement in those programs. Therefore Ball State colleges, departments, and schools engage in annual programmatic assessment. 

Academic units set goals for program assessment to determine if there are better ways to measure student learning and other program outcomes. Colleges determine which of their program(s) to assess each year. Some colleges assess all of their programs on an annual basis while other colleges assess their programs on a rotating basis, with all programs being assessed at least once every five years.

The Annual Program Assessment Report Template and Curriculum Map Template are meant to aid in documenting the systematic approach to program review. If your college or discipline-specific accrediting body use an alternate standard format for program assessment, you are welcome to use that format in lieu of this template.

Reports are due Oct. 15 each year (unless your college has an approved alternate submission date). Reports should be uploaded using the Assessment Report Submission in Qualtrics.

Program assessment is rooted in a philosophy of continual improvement of our learning environments.

Assessment Cycle

Graphic: Assurance of Learning Cycle 

For more information about the annual program assessment process, consult the Faculty and Professional Personnel Handbook.

Assurance of Learning Day

Ball State University's Assurance of Learning Day focuses on processes and data used to improve student learning and experiences at Ball State. 

Video content from the 2021 Assurance of Learning Day is available to faculty and staff.

Assessment Toolkit

Ball State University's Assessment Toolkit offers tutorials, templates, rubrics and literature to support assessment activities that improve student learning and experiences at Ball State. 

The toolkit is available to faculty and staff.


If you would like to speak to someone about Ball State’s accreditation, please contact Carole Kacius, Director of Assessment and Accreditation.