Dr. Alan Yen
Dr. Alan Yen
<b>Department: </b>Applied Business Studies<br><b>Research Area: </b>Human resource management issues in the hospitality industry<br>

Department: Applied Business Studies

Research Focus: Human resource management issues in the hospitality industry

Potential Student Project: Exploring emotional labor and its association with counterproductive work behaviors in the hospitality industry.

  • Emotional labor = Displaying certain emotions expected from work by evoking and/or suppressing one’s true feelings
  • Counterproductive work behaviors = Employees’ voluntary behavior that violates significant organizational norms and affect the well-being of the organization or its members, or both

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

An ideal candidate is someone who

  • is interested in exploring human psychology and behaviors
  • has basic oral and written communication skills
  • is able to create and manage Word and Excel files
  • is self-motivated and patient

Mentoring Plan:

  • The student will have the opportunity to participate in developing research project from the initial stage of concept development and refinement, literature selection, data collection and analysis, and manuscript Additionally, the student will go through the process of CITI training (if not yet certified) and IRB Review submission.
  • The student will learn and be proficient in using data bases to seek literature with similar research theme and key constructs to confirm research direction and enrich the content of the literature The student will also learn techniques in reviewing and critiquing literatures to present the background information and logical argument for the paper.

Contact: 765-285-5945, AT 229