Dr. Lynn Bielski
Dr. Lynn Bielski
<b>Department: </b>Speech Pathology and Audiology<br><b>Research Area: </b>Counseling Strategies for Person-Centered Care<br>

Department: Speech Pathology and Audiology

Research Focus: Counseling Strategies for Person-Centered Care


Potential Student Project(s):

  • Although I am an audiologist, this project would be a good fit for any student with a desire to expand their experience in counseling, health-sciences or audiology. The project examines methods for improving patient counseling strategies. It aims to compare traditional counseling approaches with person-centered approaches. The student would explore effective communication strategies, person-centered care, and health literacy. The student would gain experience in research activities such as how to conduct a literature search, how to read and understand a research article, scientific writing, how to conduct ethical research with human subjects, and research methods. One of the end products will be a survey instrument to be used in the BSU interprofessional clinics to improve person-centered care, along with data collection/analysis. This project is unique because it offers the student the opportunity to be part of a clinically based research project.
  • The project is on verbal fluency (stuttering) and executive function. It aims to examine the relation between stuttering and executive functions like attention and memory for auditory and visual materials. We are looking at these factors in children who are monolingual and bilingual language users. The project aims to use both behavioral measures and objective measures like EEG.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: Self-motivated, organized, science, health-science or counseling interests.

Mentoring Plan: The student and mentor will meet each week, either in person or via phone/Zoom throughout the experience. The semester would be divided into thirds:

  • Student and mentor meet to complete a skills and interests inventory. Focus background reading and writing. Ethical considerations for human subjects research and IRB protocol.
  • Exploring research methods Creation of the survey instrument.
  • Data collection/analysis of survey instrument.

Contact: 765-285-8160, HB 410