Dr. Shannon Powers
Dr. Shannon Powers
<b>Department: </b>School of Kinesiology<br><b>Research Area: </b> Physical Fitness and Wellness<br>

Department: School of Kinesiology

Research Focus: Obesity is the result of a complex mix of biological, behavioral, social, economic, and environmental factors. Muncie's overall obesity rate is now over 40% of the population. The program will set the stage for people to engage in rhythmic aerobics (Zumba), learn cooking basics from locally accessible nutritious food, and participate in monitored fitness and nutrition assessments to reduce obesity, chronic diseases, and to be more physically active. It will also have a larger impact on providing a safe and free place to exercise close to home, while their younger children are supervised in childcare. On a larger scale, the program can equip participants and their families with basic cooking techniques to reduce obesity, enhance nutrition, as well as provide exercise knowledge to increase positive behaviors for a healthier lifestyle. 


Potential Student Project(s): Cardinal Wellness is seeking an Exercise Science student to serve as their Research Assistant.

This student will supervise and train other Ball State Exercise Science students who are volunteering and/or accruing observation hours with Cardinal Wellness, a free community wellness program 100% facilitated by College of Health students. They will also maintain testing equipment and notify the supervisor of any needed repairs, enter testing data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and recruit eligible students to volunteer and/or utilize Cardinal Wellness as an observation hours site.

Program Description: College students will facilitate an exercise and nutrition education intervention program, offered twice a week. Participants 4-80 years old will dance for 50-60 minutes. Children can participate in the activity with parents or childcare will be provided. As they cool down, a 10-minute cooking demonstration and food sample are available for everyone, which will include a brief nutrition education element fit to the food sample provided. Supplemental food support and weight management will be available once a week to interested participants.

This position is off-campus, located at 1010 East Centennial Avenue (1.5 miles east of campus), which is where Cardinal Wellness takes place Monday and Thursdays 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm. You will need your own transportation. 

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: I would like to collaborate with an undergraduate student who has an interest in researching lifestyle behaviors, minorities, and health disparities in American society. This project is for someone who wants to lead other students, is highly organized, and likes working with people who need to make better health choices. The fitness assessments you'll train students to facilitate are blood pressure, handgrip strength, hip and waist measurements, height, and weight. You will also discuss testing results with the actual participants and offer them low-risk ideas to meet their health goals.

Mentoring Plan: Weekly snapshot

Monday and Thursdays - 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm on-site data collection. Off-campus at Cardinal Wellness, 1010 E. Centennial Ave., Muncie 47303.

Fridays 8:30 am - 9:30 am In-office meeting together to enter data in the spreadsheets, discuss the supervising of student management plan, discuss lab supplies/needs, etc... The student will also help with the review of literature searches for papers and grant opportunities. 

Contact: 765-212-1488, HP 342