Dr. Shireen Kanakri
Dr. Shireen Kanakri
<b>Department:</b> Construction Management and Interior Design<br><b>Research Area:</b> Autism, behaviors and environmental factors<br>

Department: Construction Management and Interior Design

Research Focus: Autism, behaviors and environmental factors

Potential Student Project: Impact of high frequency sounds on children with autism

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Be able to collect behavioral observations using Observer XT software
  • Using excel to do data analysis by doing frequencies and averages
  • Writing a description for the results

Mentoring Plan:

Am expecting the following:

  • The student will finish 40 hours (8 weeks) of observations using the HEDR lab located in applied technology 5 hours every week during Fall 2020. As this project is part of current project we have in the HEDR lab.
  • Do the data analysis and the data For the data that had been collected from the student. 20 hours (4 weeks).
  • Writing a description for the 10 hours (2 weeks).

What is the student can expect from me:

  • I will train the student using Observer XT software and I will be helping complete the project to be submitted to a journal or conference to be

Contact: 765-285-1470, AT 249