Dr. Kristin Barry
Dr. Kristin Barry
<b>Department:</b> Architecture<br><b>Research Area:</b> Heritage Interpretation<br>

Department: Architecture

Research Focus: Heritage Interpretation

Potential Student Project:

  • Interpretive Planning in the National Cemetery System
  • Hierakonpolis: Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Palace Visioning

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

Required traits:

  • Primary and Secondary source research skillsets
  • Professional writing skillsets

Desired trait:

  • Digital or hand illustration
  • Interest in history and heritage

Mentoring Plan: I expect students to work with me on the research, sharing the research and writing that will go into several documents. My plan is to meet with students on a weekly basis to discuss the objectives and values of the research that we're doing and also progress-check related assignments. I expect students to be as interested in learning the process of research as the project itself.

Contact: 765-285-7162/937-672-9313, AB 405