Dr. Sherif Attallah
Dr. Sherif Attallah
<b>Department:</b> Construction Management and Interior Design<br><b>Research Area:</b> Solar Panel Projects - Net Metering - Utility Companies.

Department: Construction Management and Interior Design

Research Focus: Solar Panel Projects - Net Metering - Utility Companies

Potential Student Project:

The student will be doing research on solar energy net-metering regulations in teh state of Indiana in addition to surveying facilities that already have solar panels on how the utility companies are currently addressing net- metering. Basically, the student will be investigating how the utility companies here in Indiana are compensating the solar panel owners for any electrical energy that is produced by solar panels and goes back to the grid. The regulations for this situation is actually changing in the state of Indiana and teh student will also investigate how these changes can affect the feasibility of the solar panel projects for building owners. 

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:
  • Basic research knowledge

  • Basic science knowledge

  • Excellent writing skills

Mentoring Plan:

The student researcher will work 5 h/week on the project including a 1-on-1 interaction with me for at least 1 hour/week.

My mentoring of the students' work will be through the weekly meeting to follow up and offer mentoring to achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn basics of solar panel systems
  • Investigate and collect data on how solar panels projects are benefiting from net-metering in the state of Indiana.
  • Explore how the current net-metering regulations in the state of Indiana is affecting the feasibility of solar panel projects compared to other states.

Contact: 765-285-5694/765-409-7277, AT 151A