Dr. Sherif Attallah

Dr. Sherif Attallah

<b>Department:</b> Construction Management and Interior Design<br><b>Research Area:</b> Energy Efficiency in Built Environment<br>

Department: Construction Management and Interior Design

Research Focus: Energy Efficiency in Built Environment

Potential Student Project:

  • Work on solar energy retrofit project for an existing building
  • Monitor energy production of an existing solar panel system and investigate the actual impact on the building utility bill

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Basic math and physics background
  • Ability to search for and collect data
  • Ability to analyze data for simple presentation of proposed solar energy systems

Mentoring Plan: I expect the student to work during Fall 2020. My mentoring of the students' work will be through the weekly meeting to follow up and offer mentoring to achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn basics of solar panel systems
  • Visit a community building as part of a larger immersive effort to collect date and work on feasibility of installing solar system
  • Monitor and investigate actual energy and utility bill saving for an already installed system

Contact: 765-285-5694/765-409-7277, AT 151A