Questions Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In spite of the COVID-19 public health crisis, the University continues to operate through a combination of alternative mechanisms, allowing students to complete their courses and stay on track to graduate.  We are grateful to the students and faculty who are successfully implementing the modifications put in place in mid-March.  These modifications allow the University to support students and faculty by providing a quality educational experience in innovative ways.

However, some individuals have asked about the possibility of a partial refund for certain types of fees.  In understanding why the University is not refunding parking permit fees in prorated amounts, it may first be helpful to understand that parking permit fees help to provide financial support for the infrastructure and services but the fees represent only a part of the total cost.  Also, parking permit fees are flat fees.  This means they do not vary from permit holder to permit holder based on individual use. 

You may return a parking permit within the first week of classes in the fall semester for a full refund of the cost. A full refund means that if your permit extends beyond the fall semester, this action will invalidate the permit for the entire year and you will have to buy a new permit for a subsequent semester. If the lot/permit you originally purchased is no longer available you may have to select a lot/permit that is available at the time. The only way to secure parking in your desired location for the fall semester is to purchase the permit during the designated timeframe.

Cancelling a payroll deduction is the same as getting a refund and will invalidate the permit for the remaining time period. Also, there comes a point in the year when paying for a permit with a payroll deduction is no longer an option. Depending on when you return to campus you may have to pay cash or credit to get another permit.

If you have a valid parking permit, you may continue to use it to park on campus. As a reminder, some permits do not expire until August 7, 2020.

General Information

You cannot park for free on campus during enforcement hours. Even visitors to campus are required to purchase a visitor permit or pay for metered parking. 

Learn more about parking permits. 

Muncie Indiana Transit System (MITS) city buses travel throughout Muncie and the Ball State campus. Anyone with a valid school ID can ride MITS buses for free. To find current routes and schedules, visit MITS’ website.

If you have a vehicle but do not want to purchase a permit, you may park in the metered areas of any parking garage on campus. The cost is $1 per hour or $5 for the day.

Anyone with five or more unpaid parking citations is subject to being booted.

If you are booted, you have eight hours to pay your fines and boot fee. If your fines are not paid within the eight-hour period, your vehicle will be towed to Nye’s Wrecker Service.

Parking fines may be paid:

Fines must be paid before the boot will be removed or the vehicle will be released from Nye's.

If your vehicle is towed for a reason other than unpaid citations, you will need to pay (cash only) the towing fee at Nye’s Wrecker Service before it is released. Citations issued at the time of the tow do not need to be paid before the vehicle is released.

The Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) offers free assistance to students, faculty/staff, and visitors.

Services offered are:

  • jumping dead batteries
  • unlocking vehicle doors
  • inflating tires
  • providing transportation to buy gas
  • offering de-icer for frozen door locks
  • providing a shovel and abrasives for vehicles stuck on ice or snow

Disabled vehicles are not excused from Ball State University parking rules and regulations and should be attended to promptly.

If your vehicle is disabled on Ball State University property, you must notify University Police immediately. To notify University Police or request assistance, call 765-285-1111.

No. Flashers draw attention to the fact that you are improperly parked.

Meters are located throughout campus for parking for short periods of time.

Ball State University parking rules and regulations will be enforced as long as the University is open for business. This means that during breaks when classes are not in session but University offices remain open, rules and regulations will be enforced.

During these breaks, commuter, stadium, and blue residence hall permits are interchangeable. All other permits must be used in their assigned lots.

Zone enforcement will be suspended only when the university is closed for business (i.e. Saturday, Sunday, and University holidays). During the weekend, you are not required to pay to park in the metered areas of the parking garages.

View enforcement hours.

There are three parking garages on campus with hourly parking.

The cost is $1 per hour or $5 for the day.

There is no overnight parking in any of the garages. 

Motorcycles and motorized scooters parking on campus are subject to the same rules and regulations as cars.

A motorcycle permit must be displayed on the motorcycle/scooter’s license plate and will allow you to park in a regular space in any yellow or green lot or the restricted lot that you have a permit for.

Additional motorized scooter parking is located in the Emens Parking Garage (R6) and the Student Center Parking Garage (R8).

Parking a motorized scooter at a bike rack is prohibited.

Charlie’s Charter provides free transportation on campus after the shuttles have stopped running.

To get a ride, call either:

  • 765-760-7433 (RIDE)
  • 765-285-5005

Learn more bout Charlie’s Charter.

Student and Faculty/Staff Parking Permits

Yes. Most permits must be purchased online.

We accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and ACH payments online. Eligible faculty and staff can pay for permits using payroll deduction. 

Restricted, residence hall, and night pass permits may be purchased for just one semester.

General faculty/staff, commuter, and stadium permits are for the full academic year (August to August). 

Only one permit will be issued to each customer.

You may use your permit in any vehicle that is registered to your permit. You may edit or add a vehicle.

You may not register a vehicle that belongs to another student or employee. Doing so will result in the revocation of your parking privileges for one calendar year.

No. If you will be driving a rental or loaner car, you will be issued a free temporary permit for the lot you have your current permit in.

To receive your free temporary permit, bring the vehicle information to the Office of Parking Services. 

Vehicle information can be added or updated online.

Once you’ve logged in, click on “View Your Permits” and then your active permit.

You can edit a current vehicle by clicking on the license plate number for that vehicle.

To add a new license plate number or vehicle, click Add Vehicles to Permit.

You may register your boyfriend/girlfriend or roommate’s vehicle as long as they are not a Ball State student or employee.  However, only one vehicle can be on campus at a time.

Registering a vehicle that belongs to another student or employee will result in the revocation of your parking privileges for one calendar year. 

Decals must be affixed to the driver’s side, lower corner of the front windshield. The permit must be right side up; it cannot be displayed upside down or sideways. All backing must be removed and the permit cannot be taped or laminated. All expired permits must be removed.

Hangtags must hang from the rearview mirror. If you do not have a mirror, the hangtag should be taped to the windshield where the mirror would be located. Hangtags should not be displayed on the dash.

Learn more about how to display your permit

You can come to the Office of Parking Services and request a free temporary permit good for up to two days. This will allow you to park in the same lot you have a permit for.

Lost permits need to be reported to the Office of Parking Services in person. Once you report the permit lost, you can purchase a replacement for $25.

Permits that are lost due to your windshield being replaced or in an accident will be replaced at no charge when supporting documentation is presented to Parking Services. Documentation from your insurance company showing the vehicle was totaled, a receipt for a windshield replacement, or a police report showing the loss are forms of acceptable documentation.

Stolen permits will be replaced free of charge if a police report is filed. You will need your case report number in order to receive a free replacement. To report a stolen permit, contact University Police or the police department in the area where your permit is stolen.

Revenue generated from Ball State vehicle registrations, parking fees, and parking fines provide financing for continued maintenance and improvement of parking facilities and services. These include the campus shuttle bus service, Charlie's Charter, and the Motorist Assistance Program. Parking revenue also funds debt service on bonds issues to fund parking improvements.

The stadium lots are overflow for all Ball State faculty/staff and student parking permits. If you have checked all of your parking options and still can’t find a place to park, you can park in a stadium lot.

If you do not want to park at the stadium, you can also pay to park in the metered area of any of the parking garages.

There is no overnight parking in the garages.

If you have a general or commuter permit, there are several lots on campus to choose from. View our maps to be sure you’ve checked all available parking lots.

If you have a red restricted permit and your lot is full, you may park in any green commuter lot.

There is no overnight parking in the commuter lots. 

Departmental permits are valid in regular spaces in any yellow or green lot and at meters without paying. They are not valid in red lots.

Disabled Driver Parking Permits

In order to receive a temporary or permanent disabled or a Special 97 permit, you must already have a Ball State parking permit.

You will be issued a Ball State a temporary disabled permit once you present the proper documentation to the Office of Parking Services.

Documentation that will be accepted is:

  • the certification sheet for your state-issued placard
  • documentation from your doctor, the Health Center, or Disability Services

Documentation that will be accepted for a permanent disabled permit is:

  • the certification sheet for your state-issued placard
  • the vehicle registration for your disabled license plate

Recommendations for a Special 97 permit will be made by Disability Services

Yes. A handicap permit does not excuse you from paying a parking meter unless you have a disabled veteran plate.


During business hours, citations can be paid in person at the Office of Parking Services or by phone.

Citations can be paid online and in the drop box located at Parking Services anytime.

A $10 late fee will be applied to the citation after 10 business days. Once you have accumulated five or more unpaid citations, your vehicle may be booted.

Citations must be paid in order to purchase any kind of permit.

Current students and employees who have unpaid citations will receive an administrative hold on their University account.

Former students, employees, and visitors to campus will have unpaid citations turned over to collections.

Citations can be appealed online or by filling out a form at the Office of Parking Services. Citations must be paid before beginning the appeal process.

If your appeal is granted, you will be issued a refund to your original method of payment.

The committee’s decision is based on your explanation.

Diagrams, pictures, and repair receipts are helpful when applicable and may be attached to your appeal.

There must be “substantial and valid evidence” that the parking violation was not committed or that it occurred due to circumstances beyond your control.

An appeal may be unsuccessful if you appeal after the 10th business day, fail to provide backup information (repair bills, doctor’s notes, etc.), or appeal for one of the following reasons:

  • failure to enter the correct space number when using the metered parking in a garage
  • parking for only a short period of time
  • failure to display a parking permit
  • not seeing the signs
  • absence of a parking space
  • forgetfulness or a lost parking ticket

“Oops Vouchers” may be used for any violation with the exception of parking in a handicap space, Special 97 space, in the drive, fire lane, moving violation, or any violation issued on complaint, violations resulting in revocation of parking privileges, or any towable violation.

You cannot use your “Oops Voucher” on a citation that has been denied in the appeal process or previously paid in full. 

Notes are not valid permits. If you park illegally, even with a note, you are subject to being cited.

No. Entering the wrong space number is not a valid reason for having a ticket voided or appealing a ticket.


Visitors can park in the metered area of any parking garage. The cost is $1 per hour or $5 for the whole day. There is no overnight parking in the garages. There are also parking meters located throughout campus. See the meter head for enforcement times and rates.

Visitors can purchase a visitor permit, which will allow them to park in any yellow or green lot on campus. The cost of the visitor permit is $5 per day. There is no overnight parking in the green lots.

Overnight visitors will need to park in the yellow lots. Visitor permits can be purchased in person at the Office of Parking Services or online.

Visitor permits can be purchased online or in person at the Office of Parking Services.

Contractors, vendors, sales, and service personnel are required to comply with University parking rules and regulations.

A sales and service permit is available for $30 per semester or $60 for the year. This permit allows parking in service vehicle spaces, loading docks, and regular spaces in any yellow or green lot.

Contractor permits are available for $30 per semester or $60 for the year. They allow parking in contractor lots.

Permits must be purchased in person at the Office of Parking Services.

After 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, visitors can park in a regular space in any yellow or green lot without a permit.

There is no overnight parking in green lots or parking garages. Overnight visitors will need to park in a yellow lot.

Monday through Friday, yellow lot enforcement begins at 7 a.m. If your visitor stays overnight, they will need to move their car to the metered area of a parking garage, come to the Office of Parking Services to purchase a visitor permit, or purchase a visitor permit online.

Parents of students living in a residence hall are eligible for a free Cardinal Pride permit. This permit allows parking at meters without paying and in yellow and green lots.

You can request a Cardinal Pride permit in person at the Office of Parking Services, through the mail, or via email by filling out our online form.

Visitors who receive a citation for “No Valid Permit” may have their fine reduced to $5 by responding in person or by mail. We do not accept payment through the drop box.

Students may not respond for the visitor.

Learn more about how to reduce your fine. 

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