Parking Services uses a License Plate Recognition system (LPR) for parking enforcement.  You will no longer receive a window sticker.  Please visit our LPR page for important information on how the changes may affect you.

All parking facilities, except parking meters and metered floors of parking garages, require a parking permit during enforcement hours. All lots have entrance signs stating the type of permit required and enforcement hours. 

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Types of Permits

Students at tailgate

Student Permits

Options include commuter, commuter restricted, stadium, residence hall, restricted, night pass, motorcycle, disabled driver, Special 97, two-week temporary, and prepaid garage. Find a permit.

Parking sign

Employee Permits

Options include general faculty/staff, restricted, night pass, motorcycle, disabled driver, Special 97, two-week temporary, departmental, and prepaid garage. Find a permit

Child in Rinard Greenhouse

Visitor Permits

Options include general visitor, contractor, sales and service vendor, Cardinal Pride (parents), and prepaid garage. Find a permit.

Car Driving on Street

Expectant Mother Permits

Employees and students who are expecting may receive a temporary parking permit that provides them with additional parking options. Learn more

Shafer Tower

Retired Employees

Retired employees and emeritus faculty may receive a free lifetime parking permit. Learn more

Permit holder agrees that loss or damage of any kind which may occur to permit holder’s vehicle or its contents while parked on Ball State University property is permit holder’s sole responsibility.  Permit holder further understands and agrees that Ball State does not assume responsibility for any such damage or loss to permit holder’s vehicle, theft of the vehicle, theft of any part of the vehicle, or loss of personal items from the vehicle. 

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