Please make sure you review our instructions on how to properly display your parking permit on your vehicle. Failing to follow our guidelines may result in a citation or revocation of your parking privileges.

Types of Permits

Employee and Student Permits (License Plate)

Your license plate is your permit.  License plates must be visible at all times.  If you wish to back into a parking space, a special front license plate may be purchased at the Office of Parking Services.  

Failure to register your vehicle will result in a citation.

Hang Tags

Hang tags must hang from the rear view mirror while in use.

If you do not have a rear view mirror, the hang tag should be taped to the windshield where the mirror would be located.

Hang tags should not be displayed on the dash. Doing so may result in a citation.

Departmental Permits

Departmental permits need to be displayed on the driver’s side, lower corner of the front windshield.  Faculty, staff, and students displaying a departmental permit must also have a valid Ball State faculty/staff or student permit.


All citations issued will be the responsibility of the permit owner, regardless of whose vehicle displays the permit.

The University will revoke your parking privileges if you: 

  • register a vehicle belongs to another student, employee, or family member of another student or employee
  • display an altered permit
  • display a permit that was reported lost or stolen

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