We are students’ one-stop shop for student involvement opportunities on campus and in the community. We strive to engage students in a vibrant campus life experience and encourage them to lead with Beneficence through leadership and service opportunities. Students involved on campus gain skills that allow them to soar to new heights both in and out of the classroom.

The Office of Student Life connects and cultivates student involvement, leadership and belonging.

—Mission Statement

Core Values

We approach our services for, and interactions with students by considering their needs first and foremost. We will engage with students as distinct individual human beings with unique needs and goals.

We will model our values, and contribute positively as a member of the Office, the Division of Student Affairs and the larger campus community. We conduct our work and relationships with integrity – we are unified, honest, fair, and adhere to the principles of the beneficence pledge.

We appreciate the legacy, human capital, resources and opportunities we are given to make a difference in the lives of individual students, and we commit to be thoughtful in our use of resources for their intended purpose.

We hold our doors and hearts open to all students, and by intention, invite participation in our programs and services as broadly and inclusively as possible.

We will engage in the process of learning together as an integral facet of our work, intentionally fostering opportunities for diverse perspectives and ideas to be heard and considered.

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Student engagement

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The Office of Student partners with our students to support a number of student engagement initiatives that call on students to co-create the Ball State experience through student organizations, student activities, and various student services.

By supporting student organizations at Ball State the Office of Student Life promotes and strengthens student involvement and engagement on campus through the administration of Benny Link, leadership development opportunities for student organization members and leaders, and oversees student organization recognition and registration processes.

The Office of Student Life supports Greek Life's efforts to provide students the opportunity to engage with each other in a way that builds friendships lasting far beyond college. Greek Life is a community that offers a premier student development experience dedicated to a lifetime of excellence.

We also value and promote the participation of students in university governance through the advisement of the Student Government Association and its legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

Programs and Services

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Leadership is partly about making decisions and managing people and processes. But it’s also about identifying your values and goals, creating authentic relationships with others, understanding and embracing diversity, and seeking to develop and apply interpersonal skills. What kind of leader are you, and what kind of leader do you want to be?

Student Life has a long history, dating back to 1994 when the Excellence in Leadership was first introduced to students on campus, of developing student leaders who are confident, organized, people-centric, and catalysts for change. We aim to support the leadership development and growth of all Ball State students so they may serve as ethical leaders in their personal and professional lives.

Programs and Services

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The service and volunteer-based opportunities sponsored by the Office of Student Life offers students the opportunity to gain powerful skills, experience new things, make meaningful connections, diversify their Ball State experience beyond the classroom and engages students with the Muncie and Delaware County community.

Since 1966, Ball State and the Office of Student Life has supported Student Voluntary Services’ community engagement efforts. And today we are proud of the strong traditions we have established that connect students with the community and over 60 local community agencies.

Our programs foster positive action, empower leaders, and contribute to a culture of innovation and partnership. We encourage and support many service opportunities that engage our students with the community including community service, activism, social entrepreneurship, service-learning, and more!

Programs and Services

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The Office of Student Life is committed to celebrating diversity by bringing together the Ball State community to learn more about themselves and others as multicultural beings. We also strive to engage students in conversations about equity and justice in order allow them to champion these efforts and support their peers in student organizations and on campus.

Ball State has a number of multicultural student organizations whose missions call on them to 1.) create and expand spaces on campus for students to find community and a sense of belong, and 2.) to offer and promote educational and social activities that engage all Ball State with these multicultural and affinity-based student organizations.

Programs and Services

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The Office of Student Life supports Greek Life's efforts to provide students the opportunity to engage with each other in a way that builds friendships lasting far beyond college. Greek Life is a community that offers a premier student development experience dedicated to a lifetime of excellence.

Ball State is home to 30 fraternities and sororities:

  • 12 fraternities governed by the Interfraternity Council
  • 7 chapters (4 fraternities and 3 sororities) governed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council
  • 11 sororities governed by the Panhellenic Association

Our fraternity and sorority community values are:

  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Integrity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships

Programs and Services

  • Fraternity and Sorority Community Semester Reports
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
  • Panhellenic Association (PHA)
  • Interfraternity Council (IFC
  • Order of Omega
  • Greek Academy
  • Accreditation Program

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