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Are you prepared to manage your peers, organize events, or communicate your vision? Do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? Can you interpret group dynamics and respond accordingly? Have you experienced the power of service?

Our two-year program will help you hone your leadership skills, regardless of your major.

Excellence in Leadership helps you connects with the right people, helps you learn to lead, and allows you to gain skills and course credit. We'll teach you how to build yourself building others.

Benefits include:

  • course credit – 1 credit per semester, totaling 4 elective credits throughout the program
  • opportunity to meet nationally recognized speakers
  • After the first year, eligibility to compete for a leadership scholarship
  • leadership experiences for campus leadership positions, internships and employment

How it Works

Excellence in Leadership is a developmental emerging leaders program that challenges you to analyze your leadership identity, examine multiple leadership styles, and work effectively in groups while actively engaging the Ball State and Muncie communities.

The program lasts four semesters and is divided into two phases. While we encourage you to participate in all four semesters, it is not required. You can participate in EIL for course credit or as an extracurricular activity. You can receive one credit per semester for a total of four elective credits.


You will…

  • define your own leadership style
  • explore your strengths and weaknesses
  • determine your life’s vision
  • set goals

You will…

  • develop skills to lead organizations
  • become better planners and leaders of student groups
  • create and articulate a group vision
  • inspire others to exercise leadership  
  • solve a real world problem

Phase 2 is only open to students that complete Phase 1 and are accepted into the second year.


  • attend weekly workshops (including our speaker series
  • attend the Fall Retreat (fall semester only)
  • attend the leadership conference (spring semester only)
  • complete papers and other assignments

Meeting Times

  • Phase 1 – Mondays | 7-9 p.m. | L.A. Pittenger Student Center, Cardinal Hall
  • Phase 2 – Wednesdays | 7-9 p.m. | L.A. Pittenger Student Center, Cardinal Hall

Additional Activities

Every week, our workshops discuss a different topic in leadership. Our presenters come from many backgrounds including Ball State faculty, staff, and alumni. Community members and professional leadership educators also serve as workshop presenters.

Find a Workshop

Each year, the Excellence in Leadership Speaker Series brings nationally recognized speakers to campus.

These events are free and open to the public.

Learn More


Good student leaders are also scholars. We reward our exemplary student leaders by providing two scholarship opportunities.

Hiatt/Wickham Scholarship

The Hiatt/Wickham Scholarship is available to students who complete the Phase 1 of Excellence in Leadership (EIL) and are willing to commit to the Phase 2 of the program and serve as an Ambassador. Interested students must complete an application and participate in an interview process. Interviews are conducted in March. Award winners are announced in April.

How to Join

There are three ways to join:

  1. Email us to sign up as a credit or non-credit student.
  2. Join us at our first workshop and sign up there!
  3. Using the course registration system or through your academic advisor, you can add EDHI 102 (CRN: 22012) to your schedule. 


Excellence in Leadership is staffed by professionals who are here to help. We are always available to meet your needs.

Contact Information


L.A. Pittenger Student Center
Room 133