Student with Lanyard

Each residence hall or complex sets up its own system of governance and students are encouraged to become involved in their residence hall community. Participation in a hall or complex council is one of the leadership opportunities available to residents.

These councils plan a variety of activities. Events and committees vary according to the interests of the residents. Executive Board members must be elected to their hall's leadership team. Elections typically take place each Fall and Spring semester. 

To learn more about your hall or complex council contact your residence hall director.

Additional Summer Bridge Programs

Please note that four other Summer Bridge Programs - Cardinal ConnectionsCardinal Leadership and Service Seminar, Early Start, and REACH Mentor Program - take place during the same dates as Accelerate. If you are registered for Accelerate you cannot register as a participant for Cardinal Connections, CLASS, Early Start, or REACH.

Want to Learn More?
If you have additional questions about getting involved, send us an email.