Student with Lanyard

Each residence hall or complex sets up its own system of governance and students are encouraged to become involved in their residence hall community. Participation in a hall or complex council is one of the leadership opportunities available to residents.

These councils plan a variety of activities. Events and committees vary according to the interests of the residents.

To learn more about your hall or complex council contact your residence hall director.

Meetings Day, Times, and Locations
Hall or Complex Day of the Week Time Location
Brayton/Clevenger Tuesday 9 p.m. 6th floor lounge
Botsford/Swinford Monday 8 p.m. Botsford/Swinford
DeHority Tuesday (bi-weekly) 9:30 p.m. Exhibition Hall
Elliot Tuesday (bi-weekly) 9 p.m. 1st floor lobby
Kinghorn Monday (bi-weekly) 8 p.m. Seminar Room
Knotts/Edwards Tuesday 9 p.m. 1st floor lounge
Mysch/Hurst Monday (bi-weekly) 9:30 p.m. 6th floor lounge
Noyer Wednesday (bi-weekly) 9 p.m. Howick-Klipple lounge
Park Wednesday (bi-weekly) 9 p.m. 1st floor lounge
Studebaker West Monday 9 p.m. Multipurpose room
Studebaker East Tuesday (bi-weekly) 9:15 pm Multipurpose Room
Woodworth Wednesday 8 p.m. Mailbox lounge
Woody/Shales Monday (bi-weekly) 9 p.m. 1st floor lounge

Want to Learn More?

If you have additional questions about getting involved, send us an email.