Perform for film and television professionals in the Los Angeles area and make the connections you need to start a successful career.

Through an audition process, seniors completing a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in acting, dance, and musical theatre are selected for the Los Angeles Experience by outside film and television professionals. Billy Murphy, a Los Angeles-based casting director, and Eric Emery, a Los Angeles-based manager, meet with students on campus during the spring semester to audition and prepare the seniors for the Los Angeles Experience.

Through Murphy and Emery’s work, the seniors in the Los Angeles Experience create reels that the Los Angeles experts then submit for pilots and auditions. The Experience has resulted in our alumni getting representation with some of the top agencies in Los Angeles, in addition to being cast in film and television.

Along with creating reels and working one-on-one with Murphy and Emery, the Department of Theatre and Dance arranges for networking opportunities, including alumni meetings, lunches, and workshops. Past workshop leaders in Los Angeles have included David Krumholtz and Jon Cryer, among others.