Program Mission

The Alumni Ambassador Program seeks to provide education and mentorship to prospective BIPOC students in the arts and current students within the Department of Theatre and Dance at Ball State University. We supply accessible resources to communities in need, and in turn, break down barriers of privilege that keep theatre and dance artists from entering the industry.

Meet The Ambassadors

Click on an ambassador's photo to get to know them.

Photo of Beverly Bautista, An Asian women with black hair and wearing a black dress.

Photo of Evan Duff. A Black/African American Male with short hairstyle and wearing a blue button up shirt.

Photo of Zariya Butler. A Black/African American Female with long black hair and wearing a tan T-Shirt.

Photo of Devon Hayakawa. An Asian women with short brown hair wearing a green T-Shirt.

Photo of Kayla Davion. A Black/African American Female wearing a neon blue tank top with stud earings.

Photo of Juliana Silva. A Latinx women with long black hair.

Catherine del Castillo Headshot - alumni theatre and dance - Latina and white biracial female with brown hair and red lipstick wearing a black longsleeved shirt. She is sitting in front of a pond with bushes of yellow flowers behind her.

Photo of Emil Thomas. A Black/African American male, wearing a black button up shirt with a black suit.

Resources for Prospective Students