A bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in dance focuses on how bodies in motion affect the world, and how dancing is, in turn, affected by the world we live in. We connect artistic discovery to real-world application, asking students to self-direct, innovate, and implement a plan for their time on campus and beyond. We are committed to developing individual technique, artistry, creativity, and intellect through a holistic understanding of the historical, social, and conceptual aspects of dance. 

You will gain an understanding and improve your dance technique in West African, hip hop, musical theatre, jazz, tap, modern, and ballet. In addition to technique training, you can practice and study choreography, pedagogy, and theory. Learning opportunities facilitate creative collaboration and transformative experiences. 

Our undergraduate-only program offers you the potential to perform during your first semester. Immersive experiences in our 400-seat proscenium theater, flexible studios, and versatile dance venues provide space for exploration of learned techniques and styles, offering you room to create the artist you want to be. 

While working toward your senior year, we take a proactive approach to career preparation as you develop a portfolio of work and experiences that will transition you from college to your professional life. A personalized senior capstone experience combines your passion for dance and your career goals. 

The BFA dance major is audition based and students must be academically admitted to Ball State in order to receive an offer in the area of study. Audition and application information is below under Take the Next Step. 


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