CEPP students work with a clientThrough our innovative approaches to exercise and rehabilitation, we will prepare you to enhance the lives of people coping with chronic diseases—a condition that affects almost half of U.S. adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Chronic diseases inhibit the daily activities of nearly one of every 10 Americans and account for 70 percent of all deaths in the U.S.

The Adult Physical Fitness Program Longitudinal Study

Hands-On, Collaborative Learning

The Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP) Program—one of three graduate programs in the Human Performance Laboratory (HPL)—is divided into two phases. Graduate students spend their first year on campus, working alongside educators within Ball State’s Adult Physical Fitness Program in the Exercise Testing Laboratory. Within the facilities’ students engage in hands-on, collaborative learning experiences that enrich their classroom instruction. During the second year, students transition to clinical and rehabilitation settings at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital to work with Phase II cardiac, pulmonary, and oncology patients.CEPP student works with a patient

Throughout the 21-month program, we emphasize applied exercise physiology research and training in collegial settings among faculty and students. These are just a few of the collaborations our students enjoy:

  • HPL faculty mentor students during the program’s required research component.
  • Students take on leadership roles, guiding adults with low to moderate risk of cardiovascular disease through the Fitness Program.
  • Doctors and nurses at Ball Hospital form powerful partnerships with students as they apply classroom knowledge to real-world clinical settings.

Diverse Backgrounds

Our educational foundations are as varied as the careers in which our graduates excel. Students from across the globe have entered our program with bachelor’s degrees in exercise science, pre-medicine, biology, physiology, and other allied health degrees. The common thread is that each of us is committed to furthering our academic training and exploring new frontiers in the prevention of and rehabilitation from chronic disease.

With the range of careers open to you, graduate assistantships offer you opportunities to engage a variety of fields, in addition to earning a tuition waiver and monthly stipend. Students explore various fields of interest through the program’s synergetic academic and research components.

A Supportive Environment

Although our research interests vary, we are a strong community of faculty, students, alumni, and friends who support each other in the classroom and beyond. Each discipline supports professional organizations to connect student with peers, faculty advisors, and experts in the field. CEPP students work with a patient

We welcome our alumni, retirees, and friends to continue to build relationships with us. Their expertise and support provide students with the confidence and connections to exceed within the program and beyond. Whether they share professional experiences with a class, establish a scholarship or facilitate a partnership—our program is eager to connect them with students and faculty engaged in innovative research and study related to the field. Contact us today.

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