Kristin Barry
Kristin Barry
Associate Professor of Architecture
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Room:AB 405

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Kristin Barry focuses her research on interpreting valuable historical information at heritage sites around the world. Read more.

Kristin Barry is an assistant professor of Architecture and she teaches courses in architecture history/theory and design. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, Kristin began working as an archaeological architect, and has worked in Greece, France, Israel, Egypt, and Turkey to document and interpret historical sites for a modern audience. Following her Master of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, Kristin was part of the 2008 Masterplanning team at the Archaeological Site of Ancient Troy in Turkey, working to redesign the tourism site to accommodate modern needs. Kristin is currently the site architect at the Hierakonpolis excavation in Egypt and volunteers with the PUP Global Heritage Consortium.

Kristin’s research interests are rooted in the physical interpretation of history through applied design. She explores the methods through which the built environment can illustrate history for a less-specialized audience, and most recent articles have dealt with: the interpretation of rock art sites, such as Lascaux and Altamira, through total reconstruction and synthesis of sensory experience; monumental sculpture and its iconographic status as related to politics and tourism; adaptive reuse of historical sites for modern purposes; the history of archaeological interpretation as part of a greater museology discourse; people-moving techniques and how they affect historical experience; architectural collections and questionable context; and the 4D interpretation of cave art spaces. Kristin is also interested in Medieval construction innovations between Romanesque and Gothic traditions, and published on Saint-Denis, Paris as a structural innovator.

Course Schedule
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Pres Studio II 608 890 1300 - 1600 M W F TBD, room TBD
Spec Projects in CAP 498 3 0000 - 0000