Carefully review all of the information provided on this Web site to become aware of the rules and procedures for using the Heliodon facility and equipment.

Strategy and Time

The best preparation that can be made for using the heliodon equipment is MENTAL preparation. Knowing as much as is possible IN ADVANCE about what to view, test or study will make the most of the time in the heliodon facility. That's not to say that the heliodons can't be booked to simply experiment, test and explore, but if that is the case, it is best for the user to go into a session with that as a goal and then come back at a later time to get specific desired images or methodical measurements that emerge as a result of exploration. It is possible to do an exploratory session or a modest, carefully-planned, methodical study and documentation in a 30-minute booking slot. It is generally not possible to do both in the same 30-minute booking.