Persons using our facilities must adhere to all rules and procedures set forth.

Assisted Use Only 

Individuals and groups using the heliodon and/or imaging equipment must do so only with the assistance and under the supervision of an authorized CERES Heliodon staff member.

The staff person is trained and charged to insure the proper use of the equipment and facility and to assist the patron with all aspects of their testing session.

Adherence to Procedures

Users are expected to be familiar with and to follow the rules and procedures described on this website at all time. Users must also follow the instructions of the CERES Heliodon staff member in attendance during facility use. Failure to do so may result in suspension of facility privileges.

Responsibility for Damages

Any damages to the space or equipment caused by the user as a result of unauthorized or improper use may result in suspension of privileges, financial penalty, academic action, civil or criminal action, or all of the above.

No Food/Drink

No Food and Drink (or liquids of any kind) are allowed in the facility at any time.

Here, we have listed rules and procedures for using our facility. You will find specific guidelines on booking the facility and using the equipment. We have also noted the specific times our facilities are open.

Please carefully and fully review the site's contents before scheduling and using the facilities or equipment. Persons using our facilities must adhere to all rules.

No Model Building

No cutting or gluing is permitted within the facility at any time. The construction or alteration of models (beyond minor, pre-planned switch-outs or adjustments) is prohibited within the facility. Moderate alterations may be performed in the CERES lobby area to the east of the heliodon facility provided that the area is left in a completely cleaned and undamaged condition and that the alterations do not significantly impede the normal traffic or use of that space.

Restricted Use of Clay/Putty

Clay or Putty may be used on models only if it is fixed onto existing models prior to the time of entry into the facility. Said material must not come into contact with anything other than the users other modeling materials. Clay or putty may not come into contact with any of the facilities surfaces or equipment. Clay or putty on models may not be adjusted, removed or added to within the heliodon facility.

No Use of Wet, Granular or Friable Materials

Materials that are wet, leave markings upon contact, or are granular and/or friable (flake or crumble upon contact) may not be used in the heliodon facility. Sugar cubes may not be used as a modeling material within the heliodon facility.