Get Connected with Ball State

Opportunities to meet and interact with other Ball State students begin well before classes start and continue through your first year and beyond. Activities and programs linked on this page will help you build friendships and find your place in the campus community.

Before School Starts

  1. ENGAGE with other Ball State-bound students on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. JOIN one of our living-learning communities that fits your interests.
  3. ATTEND our Orientation program for new freshmen or transfer students.
  4. REGISTER for our summer leadership/adventure programs for new students.
  5. CONTACT the person who will be your roommate and get to know each other.
  6. PARTICIPATE in fun Welcome Week activities as the fall semester begins.

During Your First Year

  1. GET INVOLVED in the residence hall community where you live.
  2. PARTICIPATE in special programs for transfer students or commuters.
  3. JOIN one of our many student clubs and organizations or start your own.
  4. ATTEND some multicultural activities to learn about diverse perspectives.
  5. HELP others through volunteer service in the local community and beyond.
  6. EXPERIENCE Greek like through one of our social fraternities or sororities.