Each time a student makes a change to course registrations, it is implied that you are electronically agreeing to the terms of the Ball State University Financial Responsibility Agreement (PDF).

If you are a parent or guardian of a minor student, please refer to the Financial Responsibility Agreement for Parents/Guardians of Minor Students (PDF).

When you register for classes, spaces in classes are reserved for you. Decisions about how many class sections to offer and other commitments of instructional resources are made based on the enrollment data provided after the registration process is complete. If your plans change, follow the Office of Registration and Academic Progress process to determine what action to take.

The University will not automatically cancel your registration for nonpayment. If you do not request that your registration be cancelled, your name will appear on the class rosters, and you will remain responsible for full fees until such time as you complete a total withdrawal through the Cardinal Central (refer to withdrawal procedures for refunds of registration fees). If you are still on the final rosters for the term, you may receive grades of "F" for the courses in which you were registered.

Please keep your part of the registration contract.