Just for submitting a grant proposal that (1) meets the budget requests outlined in the table below and (2) in compliance with the Proposal Submission Policy (PDF), investigators will be eligible to receive Submit incentive funds! 

Project Investigators (PI) or Co-Project Investigators (Co-PIs) will receive funding for extramural-related expenses through a Research Incentive Fund (RIA). Submit funds will be transferred approximately 60 days after the proposal submission date. 

Funds Available

The amount you are eligible to receive through Submit will depend on the total amount of external funding requested in a proposal. Submit funding is subject to the Research Incentive Account (RIA) Use Policy. 

Funds Available Based on Sponsor Request

Amount Request


$1 million or more


$500,000 - $999,999


$250,000 - $499,999


$100,000 - $249,999


$20,000 - $99,999


Additional Guidelines for the Submit Program

  • Funds will be granted only if a proposal submission follows the Proposal Submission Policy (PDF)
  • Service contracts and donations are not eligible for Submit funds.
  • For proposals submitted with budgets of $20,000-$99,999 (tier 1), Submit funds will only be distributed to the lead investigator, as listed in the Cayuse record. 
  • For proposals with budgets over $100,000 (tier 2-5), Submit funds will be distributed evenly between lead and co-investigators, as listed on the Cayuse record.
  • Submit funds will be distributed monthly to the employees' RIA. This will occur approximately 60 days after the submission of an eligible proposal. 
  • Receiving Submit funds does not indicate your proposal submission was awarded. 

Learn more about the University's Research Incentive Accounts, including allowable and unallowable purchases by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions

No, neither donations nor service contracts qualify for Submit funding.  

No, receiving Submit funds only indicates that your proposal submission followed the University's Proposal Submission Policy. Thanks for helping us prioritize!

Following University policy is really helpful to SPA staff and also ensures your proposal received the best possible review before heading out to the sponsor. Your Proposal Manager appreciates you! 

Funds will only go to lead investigator (as listed on the Cause record) for proposal amounts from $20,000-$99,999, anything above that tier will be distributed evenly between the Lead and Co-Investigators. You should check in with your Proposal Manager during the proposal development process that the personnel listed and their roles in the Cayuse record are accurate. 

No. An external submission must adhere to the Proposal Submission Policy and be routed for approvals via Cayuse prior to submission. After the fact awards (those that are not approved in Cayuse prior to submission) are not eligible for Submit funding.

Submit funds are placed in the Research Incentive Account of an employee, not the student. It will be up to the faculty mentor to decide how to allocate/use the funds. We encourage faculty to share the resources with their students. 

Yes. All lead and co-investigators who follow the External Proposal Submission Policy and the timeline provided by their Proposal manager for a proposal submission are eligible to receive Submit funding. 

Notices for Submit funding will be distributed via email from SPA approximately 60 days after the proposal submission date to eligible investigator teams.

Other programs that deposit funding into RIAs have their own process, but the best practice is that individuals and their department's administrative coordinator will receive email notification of funds being deposited. 

Still Have Questions?

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