In general, projects submitted to the research competition involve a systematic process of investigation or study that will produce facts or theories, apply such knowledge to problem-solving within the discipline or in society, or pursue a specific avenue of inquiry. Results of research should be worthy of submission for publication in refereed journals and should serve as foundation for an external funding application.

Requested support can be in the form of summer stipend, supplemental assigned time, summer graduate research assistantship, and/or supplies, expenses, equipment, and travel (SEET).

Please see the Aspire Calendar to view the deadlines for Pre-Submission and Full-Submission proposals for this competition.


Congratulations to AY 2017/18 awardees!

  • Emily Rutter- CSH- “Black Celebrity”
  • Dan Rutherford- CSH- “Legendrian contact homology of surfaces”
  • Julie Griffith- CSH- “Enhancing Constraint-Induced Aphasia Therapy with Social Engagement”
  • Molly Ferguson- CSH- “Depictions of Inward Migration in Recent Irish Fiction: Transactional Migration as a Flawed Model”
  • Anjolii Diaz- CSH- “The Early Childhood Cognition and Emotion Project”
  • Ben Bascom- CSH- “Feeling Singular: Masculinity and Desire in the Early United States”
  • Laura Bassette- TC- “The use of behavioral based technology interventions to facilitate physical activity in people with autism in community settings”
  • Emily Hoffman- TC- “The digital literacy lives of early childhood educators: Perceptions of collaborative online learning when online learning is the “new normal” way of learning”

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