The Aspire Creative Arts Program wishes to support students in their creation or presentation of creative works. Eligible projects are usually found in the categories of music, theater, dance visual arts, and creative writing. Please see our guidelines for a more detailed list of examples.

For this competition the maximum amount of money awarded is $700 for graduate students, $300 for all others, which can be used to cover supplies, expenses, equipment, and travel (SEET) costs. We ask students to have a faculty mentor and to work closely with them while preparing for this competition.

Please review the competition guide for more information. Apply for this grant through our online portal. Recipients must also provide a final report.

Fall Deadline for Graduate, October 20

Fall Deadline for Undergraduate, November 10

Spring Deadline for Graduate, January 20

Spring Deadline for Undergraduate, February 10 

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2023-2024 Awardees

Congratulations to the following recipients of this grant for the 2023-2024 Academic Year: 

  • Frisch Teresa (CFA) - Pinch Me, I'm DayDreaming
  • Gaier Sandra (CFA) Showcasing the invisible labor and complexity of caregiving using the creation of domestic objects by craft processes 
  • Stevens Haley (CSH)The Starkeeper
  • Pierson Eli (CCIM) A comparative analysis of LED lights and traditional lights such as tungsten, HMI, and fluorescent. 
  • Kidd Jaxson (CFA) -  BOGUS - BFA Thesis Exhibition 
  • Stuckey Stan (CFA) - Progress in Printing
  • Allison Braden (CFA) Modern-day Broadway scene


For questions regarding the Aspire program, please contact the program’s manager or email us.