Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment

The Ball State Conflict of Interest/Commitment policy in the Faculty and Professional Personnel Handbook (section 38) states that employees have an obligation to disclose financial conflicts or perceived conflicts wherein the aggregate amount of dollars or support exceeds any amount from a foreign entity, or $5000 from a domestic entity, or wherein the individual is devoting more than 20% of their time (1 day per week) to an activity outside of the University. 

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If you are obliged to complete an FCOI (financial Conflict of Interest) for a proposed or awarded federally funded research project, you will complete that disclosure using the single BSU COI/COC Disclosure Form (thus also fulfilling your obligation for disclosing to the institution). 

If you will be disclosing via a State of Indiana Disclosure Form, you will again access that disclosure via the BSU COI/COC Disclosure form, where you can download, sign and upload the state form – the form will route to collect approvals from your VP/Dean as well.  Disclosures to the State of Indiana are mandatory if you are entering into a contract with Ball State for an annual amount greater than $250 due to services or products you offer the institution or if you are disclosing the use of a self-authored text in the classroom. All state disclosures must be approved by the Board of Trustees, and these approvals occur at their scheduled meetings throughout the year.  In order to have a disclosure included on the meeting agenda, we recommend you submit at least six weeks in advance of a given meeting.

Please contact Rachael Alaniz at (765) 285-6510 or email with any questions or difficulties accessing and using this. After submission, the form will be routed to your Chair or supervisor then your Dean/VP for approval, and returned back to our office.

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