Welcome to Ball State University Central Mailing Office. We serve the University community with interdepartmental and postal processing and distribution. We handle over three million pieces of mail annually. This includes first class, UPS, FedEx, DHL, inter-campus and international services. Central Mailing is located in the Service and Stores Building, door #2. Central mail also provides a contracted substation of the U.S. Postal Service that is located in the back of the Student Center.The services available here are for personal mail and packages.

Send Suite Live

To avoid increased postage fees, all out going domestic packages should be shipped using the new Send Suite Live shipping solution by September 1st, 2016.

Ball State users needing access to Send Suite Live will need to complete Request Services ticket for SendSuite Live.will need to Request Services ticket for SendSuite Live.. If you need help in completing a Ship Request form a user guide is available.

Central Mail Pick-Up Locations

Central mail also provides eleven different locations on campus that have daily pick up times. Mailbox locations can accept outgoing mail, they can included campus mailers, FEDEX, DHL, UPS and stamped mail. For mailbox location contact Anna Arison in Central Mailing office at 765 285-1803.

Schedule for Campus mailbox Pickup times.

Building Location Winter Summer Early Close
Alumni Center 2:20pm 1:25pm 12:45pm
Whitinger Business Building 2:35pm 1:35pm 1:00pm
Health and Physical Activities (HP) Building 2:45pm 1:45pm 1:10pm
Teachers College 2:55pm 1:55pm 1:20pm
Art & Journalism 3:00pm 2:00pm 1:25pm
Administration Building 3:05pm 2:05pm 1:30pm
Lucina Hall 3:10pm 2:10pm 1:35pm
Cooper Science 3:15pm 2:15pm 1:40pm
Robert Bell Building 3:20pm 2:20pm 1:45pm

Courier Service

Courier Service is a special delivery service that offers same-day transporting of items across campus. Courier Service requests should be placed online through SciQuest using the Courier Request Form. Otherwise, the item should be sent through the regular mail service. If delivery confirmation is needed, simply print out the Courier Request form after completing and submitting in SciQuest, then attach it to the item or give it to the courier upon pick up:

The Courier Service should be used for following requests:

  • Campus Mail
  • FedEx Packages
  • UPS Packages
  • Bulk Mailings
  • USPS Mail
  • DHL Packages
  • Mail Tubs/Trays
  • Recycled Toner Cartridges

Policies and Procedures