Move Request (B450)

Move Request forms are needed when any piece of equipment or an asset need to be moved. For more information on B450 Move Requests, please click here.

Equipment Requests (B24)

Equipment Requests (B24 forms) are completed when requesting to loan equipment.

Inventory Control

Purchasing Services is also responsible for inventory control. The sole purpose of Inventory Control is to move all university assets and to tag capital assets valued at $5,000 and above. Inventory Control employees will inventory and record these assets with various methods, including the most common, utilizing the: "Property of Ball State University" bar code label.

Note: Please utilize the B450 form to notify Purchasing Services of recycled items needing picked up. Recycled items include batteries, lamps, toners, computers and electronics. If you have questions, please contact Purchasing Services at 765-285-1803.

Computer Tagging Services

Traditionally, Purchasing Services and Inventory Control have provided computer tagging services throughout campus. Recently, Ball State University adopted a digital device management system called FileWave that provides the ability to manage inventory information for laptops, desktops, and tablets. This will eliminate the need to tag these devices.

Ball State Information Technology manages Filewave, which requires the installation of the Filewave application on Ball State laptops, desktops, and tablets if the tablets are purchased as part of a large deployment within one area.  As part of the set-up process, Information Technology will install this application and enroll the device into the Filewave system.                       

If you have questions about Filewave or want to make sure that your device is being managed by Filewave, please visit and submit a request for assistance or call the Technology HelpDesk at 765-285-1517.

Additional Resources

B450 Move Request Training