The purpose of the Excess Catalog is to make surplus inventory available to departments, to help the University save money, by recycling items back onto campus.

If you find an item in the new Excess Catalog, simply select the item, by adding it to the cart and then submit your request.

Please verify that your shipping information on your Requisition is correct, so the item is delivered to the correct location.  For any additional information regarding the item, please feel free to add comments or internal notes about the delivery.

The Excess Catalog will be updated weekly and every effort will be made by Purchasing Services to ensure the accuracy of this catalog.

Viewing Excess Catalog

Excess Catalog can be found on the SciQuest Homepage under Ball State University.

Pre-Scheduled Appointments are available for viewing the items currently contained in the Excess Catalog, at the off campus warehouse location.

Purchasing Services requests that you schedule your appointments in advance with Anna Arison, Assistant Director of Purchasing Services. In order to have additional individuals available for your tour, they need to confirm the appointment in advance.

We thank you for scheduling your personal visit in advance, so that we can service your needs in an efficient and safe manner.

Anna Arison at or 285-1803

You can read the Excess Items Policy here.