Central Stores

Central Stores stocks a variety of products that can easily be obtained for campus use. We also welcome window orders. Central Stores carries items such as paper, batteries, lumber, toilet tissues and other items that can be found in our catalog. Central Stores is located on the home page of SciQuest along with training material. When ordering please make sure your delivery "Ship To" address reflects where the product is to be delivered.

Central Receiving

Centralized receiving provides a single delivery address for packages and freight inbound to the Ball State University community. Central Receiving receives most materials shipped via commercial carriers. Packages are checked in on a receiving report and then sorted by their destination points.

Every effort is made by the central receiving service to re-deliver packages and freight to the recipient's campus address without delay.The objective of central receiving distribution is to relieve the campus of as much commercial traffic as possible and to provide "to-the-department"  delivery service. Central Receiving will make every attempt to deliver your packages to the correct location. In the event that a move has occurred, please call 285-1801 to notify us of your new location.