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Now Hiring for the following positions:

The Ball State University Police Department (UPD) is looking for talented men and women who are going to make a positive difference in a university community setting and provide safety and security for the students, staff, faculty, and guests of the university.

Our officers undergo the same training as all police officers in the State of Indiana, receiving the same certification and police powers.

Our department provides complete police service for the University community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our officers have police authority on any property owned or occupied by the University, and on any street through or adjacent to campus.

Also, our department has concurrent jurisdiction with the Muncie Police Department and Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. Officers are responsible for the investigation of all criminal offenses and vehicle accidents occurring in and around campus, and for the enforcement of all local traffic laws and parking regulations.

Policing at a state university means that you may find yourself doing anything from providing crowd control at a demonstration to interacting with fans at a football game to criminal investigations in a residence hall.

We’re dedicated to working with students, faculty, staff and visitors to provide a safe and welcoming campus. We accomplish this by priding ourselves in having a strong community policing foundation. UPD officers participate in many programs including Lunch with a Cop or the dorm officer liaison program.

Position Details


Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma, GED or equivalent experience in law enforcement

  • successful completion of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy basic training course within the first year of employment or completion of an equivalent training program approved by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board
  • must possess and maintain a valid Indiana driver's license
  • must be able to perform all mental and physical requirements as outlined in each job duty and be able to meet physical fitness standards as defined by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
  • must pass a psychological evaluation and polygraph test post-offer/employment

Preferred Qualifications

  • a bachelor's degree
  • successful completion of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy basic training course or completion of an equivalent training program approved by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board
  • law enforcement experience related to a campus/university environment


(as of 2021 fiscal year)


New Hire Rate

$19.58 per hour ($40,725 per year)

Post-Training Rate (ILEA + FTO Graduate)

$21.76 per hour ($45,264 per year)

Two or More years of experience

$25.57 per hour ($53,181 per year)

Shift Premiums

Second Shift (3-11 p.m.)

+25 cents per hour

Third Shift (11 p.m.-7 a.m.)

+35 cents per hour


Ball State University also provides benefits that other agencies may not, such as family-friendly six weeks paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child and a chance to continue your education with tuition assistance for you, your spouse, and your children

To see all the benefits the University offers, visit our Payroll and Benefits website.

The department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with officers rotating through eight-hour shifts, working five days on and two days off.

  • First Shift: 7 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Second Shift: 3-11 p.m.
  • Third Shift: 11 p.m.-7 a.m.

Overtime Opportunities

There are many opportunities to work overtime, including:

  • all home football games
  • men’s basketball games
  • women’s basketball games
  • LateNite
  • most Emen’s Auditorium shows

Hiring Process

1. Apply for a position.

The process starts with a review of the application that you’ve submitted to the University’s Human Resource Services. You must completely fill out the application to be considered for the position. You will then receive a background information packet that you must fill out completely before taking the physical assessment. 

2. Take a physical assessment.

The second phase is the physical assessment, which is held on Ball State’s campus. Our department uses the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) entrance standards on the day of testing. The physical fitness standards for the Ball State Police Department are:

  • vertical jump – 13.5 inches
  • one-minute sit-ups – minimum 24
  • 300-meter run – 82 seconds
  • push-ups – minimum 21
  • 1.5-mile run – 18 minutes, 56 seconds

The ILEA website gives exercises to help improve on the standards the applicant must meet.

3. Participate in follow-up interviews and screenings.

After successful completion of the physical and written tests, selected candidates will be scheduled for:

  • an oral interview
  • polygraph examination
  • chief’s interview
  • psychological evaluation
  • drug screen

Applicants will be notified by letter of possible employment with the department.

The selection process may take 30-60 days. 


More Information

For any additional information on specific University polices as they pertain to the position of police officer, consult the service personnel handbook.